I took these pics in Summer of 2009. The camera flash was too bright, unfortunately, so the pics came out unfocused and washed out. With some pictures, I tried inverting or darkening the color to make the marks more visible.

Above in this inverted color photo, are four dot marks found diagonally on the left leg about three inches from the knee. Two of the marks were so close together that they look like one in the picture. Sadly, the marks were washed out by the auto flash of the camera.

These photos, top and bottom, attempt to show a four inch long row of dots and straight marks that were healed and were beginning to fade away. The marks ran vertically between the elbow and the inside of the elbow of my right arm.

No, this is not a boob. The picture above and below, shows a round flap of loose skin on the left elbow and left intact at the edge of a perfectly round, smooth, flat wound. . . . It did not sting, burn or bleed. It wasn't even red. The photo below the slightly brown semi-circular area is where the skin was removed. The light area with the shadow behind it (to the right) is is the raised, round flap of skin.

These three marks were on my right thigh, close to the inside. They were healed over with a smooth scab, if you can call it a scab . . . they looked like slightly recessed burns. They healed without any scarring.

Three tiny dots, one deeper than the others.
Not sure where they were, arm I think.

Near the instep of my leg (where the foot bends) I found this reddened wishbone shape mark with a descending line and two projecting limbs. Almost looks like a stick figure. Above is from a standing position. Below, a side view from the original picture unobliterated. The marking was less than 24 hours old an looked clear like a paper cut about an eighth of an inch deep. It stung a bit when wet.

Below is the same picture, darkened to show the strange marking.
Healed without any scarring which is unusual for my skin.


MARK DISCOVERED: circa Saturday, April 9, 2011
PICTURES TAKEN: Sunday, April 17, 2011

On April 9, 2011 I found this two-inch mark--a series of tiny dots--vertically centered on the back of my left leg. When I'm standing, the hook (or curve) points downward.

MARK DISCOVERED: Monday, March 6, 2012

While looking in the mirror I saw a horizontal row of tiny marks centered on left side of chest.


Monday, December 17, 1990
6:50 AM

I woke and saw a mental image of a dark gray UFO against a cloudy background. . . The vision had popped up suddenly then faded away.

Dark gray, semi cigar-shaped UFO with about five windows and a reddish-colored light on in one of them.

Sunday, December 10, 2006--d
7:45 AM

I'm mentally shown a large UFO (from a previous dream), then I'm telepathically told to record the UFO into the computer-like system that's i front of me. . . I think I have some difficulty recording the information.

I saw the underside of a round, flat, domeless craft with white lights around its black rimmed edge.


Thursday, January 11, 2007
circa 3 AM

The craft is triangular/jet-shaped (an inverted "V" at the rear), basically black with bright, rich red on its sides and black on its tail and center parts. It’s a nice-looking craft.

Two craft: One is larger and pitch black with white lights around its perimeter (edge) that don't blink or rotate. . . .

Second (smaller) craft is flat-domed, white or silver-hued with a reflective surface (possibly metallic). . . .

The larger craft shines down a large white beam (behind the smaller craft which is at its edge) to the ground below. The beam isn't overly bright and is too far away for me to see where it lands. . . .


Saturday, March 3, 2007
4 AM appx

. . . It’s dark outside, not pitch black but a kind of blue gray. Hovering in the sky very close to the building is a round high-walled UFO that has a pale yellow cast and darkened windows. . . .


Thursday, July 31, 1997

The first UFO is rectangular, wide and very flat at about 2 inches high, long, wide and made of ivory or beige plastic. It has one half to one inch diameter ridges and is made of ivory or beige plastic that remind me of air conditioner grills. No lights remembered.

The second UFO is made of the same material as the first craft but has a swastika-like shape. It has a solid construction with grill-like ridging and thickness similar to the first craft. It is able to turn on its side.

Swastika-styled UFO


Saturday, July 21, 1990--a
10 AM

Segment 1
. . . I dreamed of standing and looking out an apartment window. I saw an object in the sky to the left that turned out to be a disc-shaped UFO with a bluish, hazy appearance. . . .

. . . I saw what seemed to be another UFO, this one silver in color. I was uncertain as to whether it was a UFO or an airplane, but I called it a torpedo UFO. This craft was seen in the middle of the sky with a view of its underside where its wings meet in an inverted triangle shape. This craft disappeared overhead out of view. These two UFOs flew at a normal plane speed, and they made no noise. (See sketch 1)

Sketch 1

. . . I'm outside and see to my right a white object with four white, slender legs made of a metal, grill-like construction. Also the lower rim of the globe body was made of this construction. I called this a spider UFO because it looked like an upright, long-legged spider and moved like one. This craft was at least 15 feet high, because it stood taller then the street high-wires. It's legs accounted for most of the height and were on the ground; this craft was never seen airborne. (See sketch 2)

Sketch 2

Segment 3
. . . The . . . people . . . were sun-tanned white men with chains crossed over their chests in an X fashion. (See sketch 3) . . . .

Sketch 3 & 4


Date and Time Unknown

I'm lying on my stomach in bed (as in reality). I am awakened by the sensation of light steps of someone walking on my bed near the foot of it. Whoever it is seems to be trying not to step on my legs (which are slightly parted and covered with a sheet). I lift my head and look over my left shoulder. Lo and behold, there's a typical short Alien Gray standing on the bed, looking down at me frozen in motion. I know he came through the fire escape window that's over the foot of my bed (as in reality). I say something like, "What the hell are you doing?" I wasn't angry; I said it in a kind of joking "you're busted" tone. I sense that he's surprised that I can see him. We stare at each other for a few moments.


Tuesday, February 4, 1997
6:30 to 10 AM

I appear to be in my bedroom with my bed up against the fire escape wall. . . . While I'm talking, I see a short alien across the room, walking towards . . . and entering the . . . closet.

He was about a foot and a half to two feet tall at the most. His face and body were a light gray color—not olive, not brown, not cream, but literally gray. The eyes were slanted and dark black. I seem to remember a reflection of light or something in the middle of his eyes. His head narrowed to a point at the chin, and he was kind of pudgy (at the belly area)—not scrawny but like a two year old that isn't fat nor slender. He wore a black belt or band of some type around its mid-section (waist) and there were things hanging from it, so as to appear that the band's lower edge was not straight like this [Click image to Enlarge] :

His legs did not appear to be very long. He definitely WAS NOT taller than two feet. He reminded me of a child—(like it was) one of their kids but very intelligent and self-sufficient. His movements were quick enough. Scurrying is a nice word. This alien seemed benign.


Thursday, February 25, 2010
3:18 AM

. . . the man inquires as to my well-being. . . . I see behind him to my left, a low, narrow width wall[3]. Lying on top of it on its back with its legs dangling over the long end is an Alien Gray nearly the same color as the wall. Except for the dark, oval slits of his eyes, the brief line for lips, and the fact that his skin is slightly whiter then the wall, he is imperceptible to the man the entire time we talk. I keep peering over his shoulder at the alien which is looking at me with a half smile. I'm amused that the alien is there hiding in plain sight and that the alien is sharing with me this secret that I can see it but the man cannot. . . . .


Friday, May 31, 1996
6:00 AM

. . . I'm walking close beside a tall Alien who is my father (to his left), and I know I am his offspring (child). His skin is brown or gray color but it definitely isn't white. . . . I am wearing a gold color. We're walking hand in hand down a four foot wide corridor. . . Straight ahead of us is a wide stage-like platform with whitish cream flooring and goldish colored ropes coiled on the floor. . . .

The Alien wants to test my knowledge, so he asks me to plug something into an outlet. I get the impression that he (and whoever is with him) is standing (off screen) far right (to my left). . . I finally find the outlet towards the back left of the stage and plug the cord into a socket (or an object?).


Wednesday, June 17, 2009--a
9:20 PM appx.

. . . I'm in a dark space, and across from me a little girl[1] is brought forward out of the shadows. . . . I'm happy to see her . . . seem to know who she is. It's like she's a relative, my child or sister. I kneel, stretch out my arms and exclaim something like, "Oh, End![2] It's so good to see you." Whoever is with her, releases her arm and she runs to me and into my arms. I hug her affectionately, . . . asking how she was.

She's standing there wearing a light color dress (that comes just to the knees with a full, gathered skirt). Her hair is either blonde or light red--I think it's blonde. On top of her head the hair is short with semi-curled tufts (that sweep upwards). Her face is full, a little long with a rounded square shape (See sketch). She is so pretty. Adorable. Her complexion is a pale color like white or that of a fair skin black, perhaps a pale blue. I only remember the shape of her head; facial features forgotten.


Thursday, October 15, 2009--b
10:50 PM

. . . A woman . . . has two dream accounts that belong to her, and she wants them posted. She has the accounts in her hand, and the first page of one is facing the dream screen. In the center of the page is my UFO sketch from waking state (See Prelim & sketch). . . .


Tuesday, [omitted], 1991
6:10 AM
RF: 10

I look out across the driveway (road) and see a gray, circular disc hovering about five feet in the air. Then I notice that the disc is resting on a huge, black, oval-shaped UFO I call a Mothership[2]. The craft is landed on a large area [that would normally . . . include the dumpster area, small parking space, and road.] . . . .

I'm fascinated at the view because the ship has many lights and many circular windows. Some windows have no lights on, but there are three square windows that do have lights shining within.

As I try to count the windows of the ship, the disc rises straight upwards, and I can now see its underside(SK2). I try to memorize what I see, but the tubular network is too complex to remember. I lose sight of the disc . . . .


I look up to my left (center left, looking straight ahead) and now the flat disc is on the opposite side of where it had been, hovering in the air slightly higher than the roof, clearly larger than an airplane (SK3), but not lit as it had been earlier.

SKETCH 2 & 3

I just saw the 1952 Adamski UFO photo. I'd seen it years ago but did not remember that it had round and rectangular windows similar to what I saw in my dream. Here's the Adamski picture:


Found these marks on the morning of May 15, 2012. They were not present at bedtime on May 14.

MARK DISCOVERED: Monday, May 15, 2012 (Morning)
PICTURES TAKEN: Same Day (Late Afternoon)

LAST UPDATED: May 15, 2012