May 21, 2010


I took these pics in Summer of 2009. The camera flash was too bright, unfortunately, so the pics came out unfocused and washed out. With some pictures, I tried inverting or darkening the color to make the marks more visible .... My body isn't really orange or blue, and sorry, not the prettiest legs in the world...but . . . . these are all the pics (and the legs) I have for now.

Above in this inverted color photo, are four dot marks found diagonally on the left leg about three inches from the knee. Two of the marks were so close together that they look like one in the picture. Sadly, the marks were washed out by the auto flash of the camera.

These photos, top and bottom, attempt to show a four inch long row of dots and straight marks that were healed and were beginning to fade away. The marks ran vertically between the elbow and the inside of the elbow of my right arm.

No, this is not a boob.The picture above and below, shows a round flap of loose skin on the left elbow and left intact at the edge of a perfectly round, smooth, flat wound. Imagine my surprise to wake up and find that the skin had been neatly sliced from the flesh, but left connected. It did not sting, burn or bleed. It wasn't even red. In the The photo below the slightly brown semi-circular area is where the skin was removed. The light area with the shadow behind it (to the right) is is the raised, round flap of skin.

These three marks were on my right thigh, close to the inside. They were healed over with a smooth scab, if you can call it a scab . . . they looked like slightly recessed burns. They healed without any scarring.

Three tiny dots, one deeper than the others. Not sure where they were, arm I think.

Near the instep of my leg (where the foot bends) I found this reddened wishbone shape mark with a descending line and two projecting limbs. Almost looks like a stick figure. Above is from a standing position. Below, a side view from the original picture unobliterated. The marking was less than 24 hours old an looked clear like a paper cut about an eighth of an inch deep. It stung a bit when wet.

Below is the same picture, darkened to show the strange marking. Healed without any scarring which is unusual for my skin.

I'll post more when I can. Funny thing, shortly after I took these photos, the marks ended up in places I can't easily see nor reach, like my back and the back of my legs near the ankles, and buttocks.