September 1, 2015



Wednesday, July 29, 2015
4:28 AM
Earplugs In

RF (Realness Factor) : 10


Tried to fall asleep at about 2:30 am, but I felt there was a presence in the room. I asked Archangel Michael to send someone to watch over me but I gave up on sleeping a few minutes later. Finally returned to bed at 4:28 am. Immediately fell asleep and had the dream below.


I appear to be in the livingroom of my former apartment. I'm seated in the center of the couch which is placed in the center of the room which is brightly but artificially lit. Behind me is a set of windows and the room appears to be unfurnished or sparsely decorated.

I feel pressure around my head, especially the back of it, as though someone is standing right behind me. This sensation goes on for three minutes or so. I am certain by then that an Alien is standing behind me. I reach back to feel whoever is there. . . And sure enough, I feel a set of hands as though someone has them braced on the top of the couch.

I have to struggle a bit (I may be somewhat paralyzed). I manage to pull a hand forward so I can see it. What I see is a skinny, lime green (or bright light green), tubular finger of what I believe to be a Gray.

I want more confirmation, so I try to turn my head and look up at whoever is behind me. I cannot easily move my head. I know the being is refusing to allow me to see it straight on, so I say, "I want to see your face; I want to see you." As I say this, I reach up and try to feel its face, to get an idea of its contour. No matter how I try I can't see the being's face straight on but I do feel the smooth skin of its chin.

Eventually, I can see the being's chin and it has a pointy shape like the Grays do. I do not see much else, only the triangular chin area which is lime green like its finger.

Then the pressure is gone, but a few moments later the pressure is felt again mildly. I say, "Not again."

Some time later, I hear police sirens through the window behind me then the pressure is gone.

I get up and look out the window and see the flashing lights of a police car up the road then I return to the couch.


Dream felt quite real. I could feel the being's hand and chin . . . Dream is similar to the many UFO-ET dreams from the 90s and 2000s. Haven't seen an "ET" in a dream in a long time. I felt no malevolence from the being; there seemed to be a [i]familiarity[/i] between us.

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