May 11, 2012


There was a time when if you asked me when did the UFO and Alien dreams begin, I would have said 1989. But my earliest dream of a UFO happened in the early 1970s at age ten. I had been for a two week stay in North Carolina and as best I can remember, I had the UFO dream soon after returning to New Jersey.

What I saw in that dream was a typical flat craft. It had an unusual gold color and made high-pitched, patterned beeping sounds. I never dreamed of another craft that made any sound like it--no sounds at all, really. It hovered outside the hallway window of the three story building I lived in and tilted itself downward as if to peep inside the unobstructed window. In this "dream" I was standing, petrified, on the third story staircase, staring at the craft hovering in the air.

Growing up, there was a curious rumor that first borne children were being abducted. I believed this rumor and ran all the way home in tears. Upon reaching home I was told that I had nothing to worry about because I was not the first born, my brother was. Thank God. I don't remember why I took that rumor so much to heart. Perhaps it touched the core of a reality I didn't remember. No idea where that strange rumor came from, but it scared a lot of people; there were further rumors that people actually had been abducted.

By the Spring and Summer of 1972, I believed that UFOs were man-made crafts. I still remember walking down the street one morning on my way to school, laughing to myself and saying that UFOs were manmade crafts of the United States Government. I have no idea why I felt that was true, but I was quite certain it was an absolute but secret truth.

Then, inexplicably, UFOs were no longer part of my awareness. Thoughts of them dropped off the face of the Earth despite movies of UFOs, despite the popularity of Star Trek, and despite the fact that my maternal grandmother claimed that she saw strange lights in the skies near our residence. She would try to point them out to me, but I never saw a single light. That frustrated her and she'd call me names. One night I lied and say "Yeah, I see it," but she knew I was lying. I never saw anything because as it turned out I needed glasses.

Fast forward to 1978-79 and my arrival at Iroquois Job Corps Center (IJCC aka JCC) in Medina, New York. Upstate NY. The home of woods, swamps, and UFOs. By Summer of 1978, I was on my way to being a troubled teen. I'd roam the semi-deserted roads surrounding the center totally unaware of its hidden history of UFO activity. I hated the center in many ways, but loved the beautiful, sometimes tortured souls I met. I miss them still.

I also missed that I may have been abducted or visited on the property or somewhere nearby. One day I came upon a large, unusual circle just a foot off the edge of the road. It was attractive but scared the dickens out of me in the same breath. What the hell was that thing? How did it get there? What created it? How did the green stalks mat together so evenly and smoothly and flat? Why does it have a sheen to it at this angle or that? Should I step in it? Heck no! So I stared at the freak of nature for a while, longing for a closer inspection but feeling too weirded out by it. In 1989, I found out that odd circle was a crop circle. I came across that same anomaly a couple more times and always got the same heebie-jeebie feeling. I still wish I had touched it somehow. It was pretty close to the dorms, I'd say about the distance of two average U.S. city blocks. I never noticed another circle even though I was all over the place.

One night closing in on midnight, me and three others (two couples) decided to walk to a local bar in the neighboring town. [The name of this town is forgotten but had a short name with no more than five letters, starting with an A, I think.] It took forever to get there but it was so much fun getting there. The area became darker than when we started out and we could not see our hands before our face. J___ was the leader and had been to this bar previously. When we were about halfway there, a JCC staff member happened by in his car; he didn't stop us and J___ said he'd probably come back to get us with the van. A few minutes later, we arrived at a near empty bar that had a wall of windows, was well lit, clean and had only a customer or two. The man behind the counter was really nice. He was probably used to seeing JCC AWOLers (Away Without Leave). I didn't come for alcohol. My 15 year old brain wanted Reese Cups and that's what I got. I had just enough time to take a pee and stuff the contraband in my pockets when the JCC van pulled up. The bar-keep quickly cleared the counter, wiped it down, and the four of us thanked the man then left to face our fate.

Apparently, the Counselor was used to AWOLers, and I was glad to have a ride back. We chatted and during the ride J___ said something I did not pick up on (until the 1990s). He said the walk to the bar took way longer than it should have. I admit it was a long walk, because he kept saying that it wasn't that far and we were almost there. But that didn't pan out to be true. He said tthe walk was 45 to 60 minutes longer than it should have been. He also said the ride back was much shorter compared to the amount of time it took to get to the nearby town. The driver admitted there were some oddities about the area.

That wasn't the last time I heard of strange goings on in that area. On the weekends we got to hang out in a town of choice. One such trip was to Rochester, NY. What a great time! On the ride back from this trip, I was talking to the male driver, and he said that no one wanted to ride around the (wooded) area after dark. And it was pitch dark believe you me. He alluded to things happening that no one wanted to experience. This straight away reminded me of my first day landing on the soil of Medina at the little bus station. We waited three or so hours for a staff member to pick us up. Day became night before someone finally showed up. This driver did not even apologize for being late, but simply said that we were lucky anyone showed up at all, because no one wanted to have to come out at night.

Still clueless, I began to have UFO invasion dreams: Them versus Earth. I saw strange craft attacking strange manmade craft. There were about three dreams that I wrote down but lost the accounts due to homelessness. All I remember now is that the dreams began mid summer of 1978, had a scary invasion theme, were very realistic, and were in vivid color. And in a few years, they repeated.

Never once did I think anything untoward happened, until around 2008 when a memory flashed in my head. Later, it changed. Neither memory was anything I consciously remembered encountering. The first flash memory was of me, the two Js and L___ on the night we were walking to the bar. I don't see them, but I'm standing to the right side of the road and to my right is a UFO moving then stopping and hovering a couple feet off the ground at the side of the road, partway on the road. It is near me and the ONLY thing that makes it visible is the (red and blue?) lights around its edge or maybe under the rim. Other than that the craft is seen as a pitch black shadow against the faintly illuminated dark (moonlight, perhaps?).

A year or so later, I saw a similar scene but my other (three) companions were three or four feet away in the center of the road. They're standing next to what appears to be a second, slightly larger, round craft that's landed. Where they are standing (to their left, my right) there is a lot of pale blue light. J___ is standing to the forefront and I have this feeling he is looking across at me as I, likewise, look at them. And the craft is to my right. In both "memories" I am not the least bit afraid and don't feel a bit worried.

J___ was very wise, and I think he knew more than he revealed.

Fast forward to 1984—88. I moved into my very first apartment on the fifth and highest floor of an apartment complex. I learned a lot of stuff while living there. The strangest thing that happened there occurred Spring of 1986 when I woke up some time around 3 AM to find myself on my back and unable to move anything other than my head and neck. I don't give a rat's ass about so-called hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucination theories. I was wide awake. I heard, I felt, and I saw. That's three out of five natural senses. My sixth sense told me I was definitely entertaining uninvited guests.

I had been sleeping on the couch because of a few scary dreams that occurred in the bedroom. (The apartment was a bit spooky) I felt safer in the livingroom if I slept with the light on but that night I fell asleep and got caught in the dark. The blinds were closed but the double windows at the far end of the rectangular room were open and cast a scant bit of light. A couple feet from the foot of the couch was the doorway to the kitchen and its blinds were wide open and it there was plenty of light cast on its leftward wall which I could clearly see from my point on the couch. The hallway was to the right and led to my daughter's room, bathroom, and main bedroom in that order. Incidentally, her bedroom is next to the kitchen.

As I said, I could only move my head and felt numb from the base of my neck down. There was a distinct pressure at the lower part of my belly and groin area like someone was pressing down on it. Not sexually, but still . . . I got the impression something was going on down there. I looked about the room and could not see anything, yet I just knew that there were at least three beings in that room, possibly a fourth, and I knew where they were standing. One was at the foot of the couch and seemed to be leaning over my groin/belly area, one or two were in the shadows to the left, another, I found out in a most unpleasant manner was definitely standing to my immediate right. Huh? How could anything be standing there? There was a wall there with a mere one inch of space between it and the back of the couch then the building exterior. Who . . . what could be that scrawny as to fit there? Then came the godawful growling sound. What the heck is that? Growling? Oh, my God! Is it a demon? I was petrified. Then I realized the growling was actually a language—there was a sort of rhythm to the brief intones, and I got the very distinct impression that this being—whatever it was—was talking to me, trying to explain something. But, hey, I didn't take Growling 101 in school, so yikes! Then the pressure on my lower area was gone. The growling ceased, and I saw a tall shadow dart down the hall, I sensed another followed but was shorter, then the king of reality was the shadow seen on the aforementioned kitchen wall thanks to the moonlight filling the room. Hot dang!

The paralysis was then gone, too. I waited for that shadow to come back out of the kitchen or for the others to come back out of the hall, but nada. I could move but no way in hell was I leaving that couch. I opened the blinds to let in light and looked out at the sky (no idea why this was my first inclination) but saw nothing unusual. It was 5 AM before daylight came and I felt brave enough to head down that long hallway. My daughter was still asleep, undisturbed. It was years later that I found out that ETs can pass through walls and abduct folk from apartment buildings, no matter how high up you may be. Windows and walls are no barrier.

About a year or two later, I awoke to another paralysis episode. I thought I was going to suffocate and die so I prayed to God and Jesus and the paralysis went away. There was more to the event and I again saw something but the account—along with the one above—were accidentally thrown away.

I told my next door neighbor about the strange pair of visits. I suspect she said something derogatory behind my back because she said she had a visit that very same night I told her my story. Whatever visited her frightened the shit out of her and she threw holy water on it.

At age 22 or so I had begun my search for truths outside of Christianity and the bible. There was more to know, and I was intent on discovering as much as I could safely uncover. The first thing I tackled was Reincarnation.

In February 1989, the UFO and Alien dreams began. I was nearing age 25 and the very first dream (or nearly so) was of two twin, cream yellow UFOs that landed side by side in the bathroom of my childhood home. They hovered in mid air, descended in unison on the floor, then after a time rose up and left the way they came. The crafts each left behind a ring of orange flames on the linoleum (apparently it caught fire from some heat source). That was my introduction to 100+ UFO and Alien-related dreams.

The dreams came so regularly at first, I could have predicted when they would occur. They came mainly every two weeks, sometimes twice a week and could be scary at times, but always interesting and oddly real-feeling.

The first UFO dreams to arrive were the two invasion dreams from my stay at IJCC. How odd is that? Then came the robot dreams where tiny UFOs pummeled my livingroom windows, trying to get in while I panicked and tried to close the windows in the house. The robot was found clinging to the screen. Very scary.

Then came the Spacebrother dreams where a short ET (not a Grey) would stand beside me as we watched UFOs zipping about in the air near my building. All the while two or three foot diameter UFOs flew in and out of my apartment. They even came down the hall and entered the livingroom while I stood by smiling. Smiling? Yep. This type of dream occurred about three or four times.

The Spacebrother only showed up in about two dreams then the Alien Greys showed up and stayed. I also dreamed of chasing strange pale blue-white beings or Greys in my bedroom--even attacked a Grey and broke its neck (sorry). There were also the tall white ETs, perhaps the same entity I remember from my childhood.

I had a few dreams where I hugged unknown ETs that were supposedly my family...usually a brother. I've been shown unknown female hybrids as if they were daughters, and there were two adult males--supposedly hybrid sons. One of them I only saw once and the oldest I've seen at least twice. They were clearly hybrids. One could assimilate on Earth, though his eyes would give people a pause. The oldest one that I dreamed of the most could never walk the face of Earth. From him I learned the struggle of what it was like to not fit into either culture and to have human emotions but not understand them or know how to utilize them. It was very sad because this one male wanted to feel love, to be hugged yet it was foreign to him and he was unable to process the emotion. But I hugged in that last appearance he made and he stayed the entire night (in the dream) in my closet. I thought it an odd dream because it felt realistic. The last remembered dream of him had him spending the night in one of my closets; he'd come to watch over me because I'd been having problems with spirits in the bedroom. The closet he stayed in (in the dream) I had long suspected was a portal by which spirits were entering the apt., though I'd had dreams of calling out spirits in both of the side by side closets. In that dream when I awoke the next morning, he was gone. He left on the floor a spoon full of water. I never had another problem with that closet. Well, for a long while, anyway. I often wonder about those two males. Are they real? And if so, how are they surviving and will they visit again?

Not long after my maternal grandmother died she showed up in a UFO dream about a large pod UFO hovering over the roof of my bedroom. She was sitting in her chair (I inherited along with her bed) and sitting on her lap was this pretty white girl (I'm a light-skinned African-American) with long yellow-white hair, and she was wearing a pretty dress. My grandmother said the girl was my daughter (she meant the girl was a hybrid). But where in the world did she get that hair? It might be interesting to mention that over the years in that apt. and in my current apt. I found strands of long white or yellow white hair. No one in the rental office or the maintenance staff had that color and length of hair.

From 1989 and beyond 2002 I continued having dreams of UFOs and ETs. In them I've seen a variety of craft shapes: round, flat, domed, barbell, triangular, square, spider-shaped, grill construction, triangle with appendages, star-shaped tiny monitoring balls, morphing craft, lights zipping in the sky, etc. The clearest and most awe-inspiring of the dreams came at the deepest hour of my depression.

I dreamed that a flat, black disc was hovering on top of a large (about 10 feet long), black cigar-shaped craft outside my livingroom window, The disc rose so that I could see its underside. There were yellow-white lights on in a couple windows and I swear I saw a Grey inside the craft. I tried to remember all that I saw so I could sketch it. The craft moved to the opposite side of the sky, rose, then left. I woke up. The amount of light in the room and outside was identical to the dream. Very realistic.

Then came the equally realistic dream of me awakening to something walking across my bed. I was lying on my stomach, and I turned my head to look over my left shoulder. What I saw was an olive-skinned Grey, classic dark, oval eyes with a bit of sheen to them. He (it felt male) seemed shocked I could see him. I was shocked that he had the audacity to come through my fire escape window and walk across my bed. After that encounter I saw the ETs less and less in my dreams. Oh, and in reality the bed was exactly where it was in the dream, right in front of the fire escape window. Not sure if the window was open. Probably was since it was summer.

With spiritual study came clairaudience, visions, sleep paralysis, dreams of astral projection, spirits touching or lying on top of me, dreams of dead people roaming around my bedroom, other strange phenomena, and a few visits from my deceased grandmother. With the onset of the UFO dreams many of the above events increased.

As to non-dream events I've seen quite a few strange things from the windows of my former Elizabeth, NJ apartment.

- - - I can only claim to have seen one UFO which was an inverted triangle craft I still feel was a projected image because the craft glided so effortlessly. It was so surreal.

- - - I saw dozens of shooting stars, some of which appeared right after certain thoughts or questions were posed.

- - - I saw a star make an L-shaped turn in the sky near the Orion Belt.

- - - I saw a strange rocket-like light with a burning tail end.

- - - I saw a three color spiral of light appear out of nowhere in mid air (third floor height) and rise while the colors intertwined (think DNA) then exploded silently in a flash of white light. Beautiful.

- - - I saw a silver monitoring ball zoom past the building across the street from mine. It rose to pass the rooftop of a nearby building then zipped back down after it cleared the roof. It moved so fast that I got a "Whoosh!" sensation.

- - - I saw what seemed like a white airplane with an extremely bright light at its front. This craft hovered eight feet or so outside my livingroom window at rooftop height. That was freaky; it was definitely checking me out. Could have been an advertisement blimp.

- - - I saw the "sun" appear after a sun shower with a medium gray disc obviously spinning in front of it in a counter-clockwise rotation. My daughter saw it.

- - - I saw the moon high in sky in the same spot about three or so hours apart.

- - - I saw a narrow edge of what I'm pretty certain was a huge, round, black UFO. It peeped from behind a large cloud. I nearly broke my neck trying to get a better look out that window.

These days, seeing the Grays is a rare dream experience. The last time I dreamed of them (in 2011), they appeared as neon green floating heads amid misty white light and neon green ribbons. Very pretty but what did it mean?

So here's the 69,000 dollar question: Have I been abducted? My answer: You tell me. Seriously, I have no proof that I have, yet for years I've been finding rows and configurations of tiny pin dot marks. I've found them on my back near the shoulder blades and spine, on my legs--particularly the ankles--upper arms, hands, buttocks, hips, and burn marks on the stomach. No scoop marks or obvious triangular markings. Even in my dreams I've had pin dot and scoop marks, hieroglyphic marks and whatnot. Whatever is going on, it's been happening since childhood and likely will continue until I die.

Thank you for reading! God bless!

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