June 13, 2010



Thursday, February 25, 2010
3:18 AM
RF# 9.25+

THEME: Alien hidden in plain sight.

SUMMARY: I meet mysterious boy; alien lays on wall.

Deciphered Vol. One of the Book of Thoth before bedtime, then I prayed to God, saying "I don't believe this special one (admirer) really exists, but I'll keep a wee bit of hope that life is worth living."

I don't know what race I am but feel myself to be as I am in waking life.

Unknown house during a party. Looks to be a well-to-do neighborhood. Nice house.


Segment 1
Participating. It's nighttime and a young boy of about 10 or so is dancing before me. He's wearing a long-sleeved, button-front dress shirt that is light blue. Don't remember what color pants—perhaps dark. (He's to my right and that of the dream screen.) I think I am participating. I watch his quick-tempo dancing in the light of the okay lit room and know that he's imitating—supposed to be—Michael Jackson. He stops dancing and we talk for a time.

Segment 2
Participating. The boy and me are standing outside[1], and he suddenly runs off, leaving me alone in the dark. Right afterward a white man[2] runs toward me from the house (on the far right to center left), stops beside me, looks left and right, then walks to the left, searching but not finding the boy. The man asks me where the boy went off to, and I claim I hadn't seen him.

Next I think the man inquires as to my well-being. As we talk, I see behind him to my left, a low, narrow width wall[3]. Lying on top of it on its back with its legs dangling over the long end is an Alien Gray[4] nearly the same color as the wall. Except for the dark, oval slits of his eyes, the brief line for lips, and the fact that his skin is slightly whiter then the wall, he is imperceptible to the man the entire time we talk. I keep peering over his shoulder at the alien which is looking at me with a half smile. I'm amused that the alien is there hiding in plain sight and that the alien is sharing with me this secret that I can see it but the man cannot. The man and me continue to talk. Parts forgotten.

Also, there was something about the name of a woman, possibly famous.


He's to my left and runs off to the left into the deeper darkness.

He was tall, slender an wore cream colored clothes, a long button-front shirt and pants that appeared to be a uniform. There was a light that shone on him and the small area where we stood; it was probably moonlight. The man feels to be an authority figure—a law enforcement officer akin to one in a small or Southern town. And there's a sense of familiarity about him—like he's my husband or boyfriend.

The wall is about 3 feet high and 18 inches wide and some 4 feet long of light color like white or off white.

He has a classic Gray features, but his skin is chalk white.


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