June 11, 2010



Saturday, July 21, 1990--a
10 AM
RF# 9.5

SUMMARY: I'm a UFO ambassador.

THEME: Seeing UFOs in the sky.

I had awaken briefly and went back to sleep.

I'm in an apt. that looks similar to my childhood apartment. It's a bright, sunny day.


Segment 1
Participating. I dreamed of standing and looking out an apartment window. I saw an object in the sky to the left that turned out to be a disc-shaped UFO with a bluish, hazy appearance. It went overhead out of view.

Not long afterward I saw what seemed to be another UFO, this one silver in color. I was uncertain as to whether it was a UFO or an airplane, but I called it a torpedo UFO. This craft was seen in the middle of the sky with a view of its underside where its wings meet in an inverted triangle shape. This craft disappeared overhead out of view. These two UFOs flew at a normal plane speed, and they made no noise. (See sketch 1)

Sketch 1

Next, I'm outside and see to my right a white object with four white, slender legs made of a metal, grill-like construction. Also the lower rim of the globe body was made of this construction. I called this a spider UFO because it looked like an upright, long-legged spider and moved like one. This craft was at least 15 feet high, because it stood taller then the street high-wires. It's legs accounted for most of the height and were on the ground; this craft was never seen airborne. (See sketch 2)

Sketch 2

Segment 2
Participating. In the dream, after I saw these things I went and looked at the VCR clock, but I don't remember what time it said. However, something in my mind says that it was 2:58. I went to write down the events on a piece of paper that was one of my McCall's needlework and crafts knitting direction sheets that had a lined writing area on it. I wrote the date, which I am certain was "July 1990", but I'm less certain of the day—it may have been "21"[1]. I had trouble writing down what I saw, because some of the writing area was already written on, and there were other people in the apartment who were distracting me. (Sketch of sheet not posted.)

Segment 3
Participating. The scene changed somewhat[2]. The room and window area was similar, but the people were now highly visible and they look different. They were sun-tanned white men with chains crossed over their chests in an X fashion. (See sketch 3) These men knew about the UFOs and were very determined to have some sort of confrontation. They weren't angry but were prepared for something which I had a strong part in. They had to convince me (regarding the matter), and I reluctantly decided to join them.

Sketch 3 & 4

On the right was a burly man with curly chest hair and not mean, exactly. He ordered a slender man (also on the right) to "Bring him clothes so that he can be presentable." This man was a type of ancient valet or servant. I think I was to meet someone very important, for when the slender man brought me the clothes (which turned out to be a robe of red checks with yellow), the burly man said the clothes were not suitable for someone of my stature (in this case I knew "stature" meant "position of authority or responsibility"), then he shoved the smaller man away firmly.

Segment 4
Participating. The next thing I know, I'm standing in a large, well lit room with no furniture. I'm talking to two men. I'm a white man, tall and handsome and wore a white suit (jumpsuit) with gold trimming at the pockets (as remembered at time dream was recorded). In the dream the pockets were very noticeable, because I was trying to pass something to the men beside me. Four to five feet away is a doorway and just inside the room I'm in are two(?) guards stationed to watch me. I don't want the guards to see what I'm doing, what I'm trying to give the men. They mustn't see. I awoke at that point, and I remembered nothing more.


Date in dream would likely be same as waking date of dream: 07/21/90?

Possible past life scene. The men's attitudes and style of dress was not modern.

Thursday, June 10, 2010
10:11 PM

This is what fascinates me about some dreams. I record the events, but clearly leave out impressions and thoughts from the dream. What was not recorded is that I was a liaison between the ETs and the men from this culture. They wanted to make contact with the ETs and for whatever reason, I was there (or maybe I was also there on the behalf of the ETS). I did not trust the men, this was clear. I felt that the ETs were going to be duped or walk into some kind of trap, and I felt it my responsibility to warn the them. Why I was being guarded by the men at the doorway is not entirely clear, just that I seemed to be under a sort of house arrest. I think they found out that I was not entirely on their side. What I am clear on is that the meeting with the ETs was still scheduled to continue, and I knew that it must not happen.

Thursday, June 10, 2010
10:19 PM

I still feel that the dream had elements of a past life. It could be the theme of being an ambassador or liaison of sorts, or of trying to warn the ETS, who knows? It really felt as if I was in the role of a double-spy. This is a theme that recurs from time to time in my dreams, usually with a Nazi motif.


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