August 27, 2010



Monday, May 23, 2005
1:13 AM

RF# Segment 1: 9.5
RF# Segment 2: 9.75

Segment 1: Analyzing a performance
Segment 2: Being in the presence of Aliens

No reading, TV, or music played before bedtime nor during the dream. No earplugs in. Had difficulty getting to sleep, especially on my stomach, and the bulk of the coat I had on (current apt. is cold & there's no heat on) presses into my throat which makes me cough.

Segment 1: Interior: Brightly lit. Possibly nighttime.
Segment 2: Interior: Nighttime.


Segment 1:
PARTICIPATING. I'm in a well lit office with 2 or 3 coworkers or partners. We're teasing a fellow worker about his work on a high-rise building. There is a claim of a flaw in his design, but I try to support him, complimenting him on the exterior design of several small glass panels that are mirrors—or have a mirror-like effect—which reflect light, giving the building (prototype) a shiny mirror-like appearance which is quite stunning.

As we talk, I see the building either as a sort of vision or memory just outside the window. The building is quite tall and is seen against a night sky. At first I see only one building, then a few minutes later I see that it is two then lastly, three—a beautiful trio of slightly differing heights but very tall.

At some point I seem to be flying around the perimeter of the (first?) building as if it is inside the office. I fly around it as if I have no body but am in spirit. I touch it and see that it is made up of small, individual panels that are slightly rectangular and fitted together to create the building's shiny mirror-like appearance. I really like the building.

Segment 2:
PARTICIPATING. I'm with my partners from the office and there seems to be three of us, including myself.

[In reality my eyes are closed, and I see a gold and brown swirled color. I feel a familiar throbbing[1] and a buzzing sound like a bee[2] flying over my head right to left then left to right. I briefly consider whether I will fight the paralysis that's sure to come or succumb.]

Now, I'm back in the dream, but it feels real. We're in this dim room and we're—I definitely am—on a table like one you'd find in a doctor's office. I think I'm on my stomach.[3] I'm paralyzed but coherent and thinking. I tell my companions not to be afraid. (Parts forgotten here, I think) Somehow the thought of Aliens comes to mind, and I know it's them that have me on the table. At some point I pray to Archangel Michael, my Guardian Angel, and God, asking them for their intervention and their protection for myself.

I become determined to see who's paralyzing me, but I can't open my eyes and see only darkness. I'm laying on my side and try to open my eyes by using my right index finger and thumb to pry open the right then the left eye. Then using both hands, I rotate so that I'm sitting on my backside. I briefly see that swirled gold and brown color again.

After a short struggle I'm able to see that I'm in a dark room, and to the right at the foot of the table I can just make out faint images of Alien-shaped faces[4] shuddled close together next to a wall. They're looking at me, and I begin to laugh and point at them with my right hand, telling them that I can see them. All the while, I try to make them out clearer still, and can see that two of them are tall. Then a third Alien (shorter, about 4 feet tall) comes racing toward me between the wall and the bed cart, as if angry. It's face is like their faces only different somehow, I think. That damn Alien clamps its mouth onto my fisted hand and bites me, not letting go. I feel the sting of pain from its teeth, but I'm angered. Annoyed. I grab what could be my fist but seems to be some part of the Alien, and I bite back hard as I can and it, in turn, bites harder. I can feel the smoothness of the skin I am biting; it feels like I'm biting the flat skin between the thumb and index finger. I wake up, and it's 1:13 am.

It's skin and mine had a taupe color in the dark. The Aliens' faces were chalky white with dark slits where their eyes would be. I heard no sound other than whatever I was saying. There was great gusto and triumph in getting the upper hand, finally seeing them, and catching them in the act, because (in reality) I had long thought that they were (still) abducting me but they'd become very proficient at covering their tracks through hypnosis, screen memories or whatever.

Despite that the Alien dream seemed to come about from the preceding segment, I feel this was a nondream event that took place in a different realm of reality similar to the dream state. It certainly felt real; even the office dream had a vivid realness to it.

I felt that the biting of my hand was a bit out of character for an Alien species, though—that's more like a human or animalistic response.


When the paralysis began throbbing, I thought to myself, "I'm not in the mood for this now."

I know it's not a bee because it's too cold in my apt. and they're not quite in their season. Besides, I don't have a window open.

I was on my back before I drifted to sleep but awoke lying on my stomach.

The faces are the classic triangular shapes, but these eyes are narrow and slitted.

Feeling down about my position and purpose in life. Feeling useless and aimless. Don't think I can finish my book by end of June as I had hoped. I feel so (life) tired.

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