March 31, 2015


Found this mark on my right arm about 4 days ago; 
it's completely gone. 
Have no idea where it came from. 
Have found several marks on that arm, 
and have no clue why. 
My arm has been sore for 3 or so months now. 

This extended V-shaped mark was 
very tiny pin dot marks 
already scabbed over and barely visible:

Subsequent mark found on same arm 
on March 29, 2015. 
It was clearly fresh, being puffy and red:



And this mark for the 29th was found 
on the left arm near inside of the elbow. 
Red and scabbed over:

That's all the time I have today, 
but will post marks 
found on March 29th on the right leg. 
Please stay tuned.