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Thursday, July 31, 1997


RF AVG: 8.75+ —P
—SEG. 1 RF 8.75+ —P
—SEG. 2 RF 8.75+ —P
—SEG. 3 RF 8.75+ —P

COMMENT: Parts forgotten.

Two UFOs hover in office; PC monitors are moved by invisible hand

Daytime. Unknown office.

I'm a newly hired employee in an office. I'm not sure what my position is, but it seems technical. I'm standing behind a counter in what appears to be a laboratory. The walls and ceiling are white, and the ceiling is criss-crossed with white or ivory plastic pipes.

Many experiments appear to be going on. In front and in back of me are counters or something that have several computers on them. The computers that are off have dark screens and those that are on have a white or yellowish background with black lettering. In some areas, long white wires rise from the counters to the ceiling. Behind me is a long, narrow counter with a dark top and two white PC monitors sitting on them.

The office entrance is behind me (center) and to the left is a wall wide, possibly floor length, uncovered window--high-rise style--from which there is a view of apartment buildings across the way. I'm not certain whether the office is on the topmost floor, but at some point a UFO has entered the building through a window.


Segment 1
I'm standing behind a counter, watching a flat, rectangular object I identify as a UFO hover near the ceiling. I'm dumbfounded at its presence and watch it move away from me. It remains no more than a foot from the ceiling.

Segment 2
Now, a second UFO is near the ceiling where the first craft had been. This craft has a shape similar to a swastika (could be a morphed version of the 1st craft), flies toward the window on my right and exits outside (though I see no window opening). It flies--still at ceiling height--toward the apartment buildings in the distance and approaches a building[1] that is shorter than its companions. I can hear people outside to the left of the buildings. The craft hovers over the taller building and rotates, turning on its side. That is what I last remember of this odd shaped craft.

My attention is drawn to the computers. I watch as the monitors are picked up as if with an invisible hand and placed side by side. It is like they are indelibly connected—like lovers. Now the leftmost screens light up and information appears on them. Later the monitors are switched to opposite ends of the counter where at that time the leftmost screen is blank. I am quite excited and want to show the escapade to someone. [see Post Comment below].

Segment 3
Later, I have my back to the counter and my boss[2] is standing in front of me, facing me. I say to him, "You won't believe what I have to tell you." He stood listening to me as I explain what happened with the monitors and about the UFO flying in the sky and how the craft flew towards the apartments. Then I look out the window and notice that the shorter building from earlier is no longer there. I am flabbergasted and say, "It's gone." There's a cream colored ridge on the tall building that indicates the height of where the shorter building had been. When I see this ridge I see in my mind's eye some words[3].

Now my boss[4] looks from the counter to me and says in a calm, ridiculing tone, "Have you been drinking too many blueberry coladas?" (or "I think you've been drinking one too many blueberry coladas.")[5]. I'm crushed by his skeptical reaction. I know I will be fired, and I begin to react hysterically, telling him that I did not need his job.

The first UFO is rectangular, wide and very flat at about 2 inches high, long, wide and made of ivory or beige plastic. It has one half to one inch diameter ridges and is made of ivory or beige plastic that remind me of air conditioner grills. No lights remembered.

The second UFO is made of the same material as the first craft but has a swastika-like shape. It has a solid construction with grill-like ridging and thickness similar to the first craft. It is able to turn on its side.

Swastika-styled UFO


This building later disappears. All the buildings have identical red orange brick exteriors.

In reality, he is the Chief Financial Officer for the company I work for. (Nice man.) He is wearing a white shirt, dark pants and a jacket or blazer and looks the way he normally does in waking life (minus the jacket).

Two words are connected with the first UFO. The first word is "dentifise, dentifice or dentrise" but whatever word it is, it's related to "dentist." I don't remember the second word. Also, the words seen in my mind's eye were white on a background of brown or gray.

He is to my left and facing the computer counter while I face his right side.

The drink's actual name is forgotten but is a fruity mixture with and exotic name. The first or last word starts with a 'P' and is an intricate name like Paloussa (Pa lou sa)—it may actually be that name.


Monday, October 12, 2009
12:36 PM

As I type this account I am frustrated because I did not make clear how many computers there were, I realize I probably couldn't remember the room. Now, I suddenly get a faint black and white image of the office and now understand why I said it was a laboratory then said it was an office. Here's what I briefly saw:

The room is bright white and vast with a fairly high ceiling and entirely painted white. In front of me are about five horizontal rows of long tables that have computers on them. On the right is a wall of windows. Closest to the dream screen behind me (center wall) there is an exit from the room to an adjoining room. A stairwell is nearby. I think that a UFO had entered the lab from that room, and I may have later gone into it to get away from the craft (which is not seen in this image). There aren't any people but I'm seeing vague, flat dark crafts of undetermined shape.


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