June 18, 2010



MONDAY, APRIL 30, 1990
11:06 & 11:15 AM

My friend T gives me her baby. The baby has a mark on her ear in the shape of a triangle; I see a moving star.

T is currently pregnant and soon to deliver. She just gave birth to a boy less than a year ago and was (possibly) having some doubts. Also, my TV is on during the dream.


In the dream I am asleep on the couch[1]. Apparently I wake up when T comes into the livingroom[2]. She is wearing a three quarter length bright yellow storm coat [3] and gives me a infant girl of about six months that is supposed to be my birth child[4]. I am bewildered and claim that the baby[5] can't be mine. The feeling is that she had the baby for possibly a couple of days and is now passing the infant off as mine. I hadn't missed the baby because I'd been asleep.

The baby ages six months during this part of the dream. At some point I tell T that the baby will be good company for my daughter, because the baby has the same disposition that my daughter has (quiet, controllable and content). Then I wonder if the baby has some physical or mental handicaps.

I notice that the baby has a red triangular patch behind her right ear (one and a half inch in diameter) and tht the mark is felt to be a mark of an Extraterrestrial, that the baby could be of ET origin. I have a feeling that I am meant to be the caretaker of this child.

Toward the middle of the dream it is nightime, and I am looking out the large, livingroom window. There are many stars in the sky. One particular star is reddish and shoots straight up quickly and disappears. I feel it was a UFO that had been watching the apt. from a distance, and perhaps when the UFO occupants had realized I was watching them, they left. I reasoned that it could have been an airplane, because it was heading in the same direction that planes on their way to the airport travel. But I reason again that airplanes don't shoot straight up after having been motionless.

Within a few minutes a similar red light appears from behind the clouds.

At some point during the dream I have this vision (no color distinction):

It is daylight and there is snow all over. There is a young child alone and sad (which I believe to be a girl). Suddenly a woman appears and embraces the child. The father comes and hugs the child, as well. They leave the child alone again. She is crying. The vision ends.

I think of the infant T gave me and take her to the police station to report possible abandonment.

The dream gets silly. There are some white guys at the police station, and I point to them as guilty of kidnapping.

I'm back home. I have no food or anything that the child can eat. The doorbell rings and a white lady in her 40's delivers a tray of food then leaves without talking to me. I catch up with her just outside my apt. and ask her how long I have to keep the baby. She replies "Until the parents are found or a place is found." I then ask how long (will that be). She replies "One year." Thinking of my plans to enter college in Fall (in August) [6], I tell the woman I can only watch the baby until the end of July. I think to myself that I don't have (time?) to worry about raising a youngster again.

In the seven years I have known T, she has only entered my apt. four times even though she lives downstairs. I remember so clearly the child, the star rising and the triangular blotch.

July 20, 2009
T has been deceased some years now, and I have no idea where the daughter in question actually is. I don't even know her name. In my dreams over the years, I've encountered a few kids and adults who are supposed to be "my children". Most of them look human, two (my sons)look like they lack emotions and have extremely piercing otherworldly dark stares and most are white skinned (females) with blonde hair and some (the sons and some females) are light skinned with brown or dark hair.

It might be interesting to know that the two men (last seen they were in their late teens or very early 20's) were first seen as infants and I've seen them only twice, I think. Their faces lack emotions, but they seem to exude something I can't pinpoint...anger, longing for love...I don't know. They don't look happy. I am certain that they do not exist in Earth's dimension. They would not assimilate well. They seem hostile. When I embraced one of them, he seemed very uncomfortable with the action, yet I knew a part of him wanted the attention. Very sad to be a part of two worlds but can only fit in one...maybe not either one.

I dreamed extensively about the one mentioned above. He visited me in a dream (the last time I dreamed of him) and it was a super real dream. This was when I hugged him. They both came, but only one seemed to remain. It's that stare of theirs that is so unsettling. I can't say that enough. Hahaha. When I first saw the oldest one, he was standing in the hallway, peeping around around the corner at me. I told him to come in and stop hiding. He eventually came in. He's tall, slender and human looking, a nice looking guy except...yeah, the eyes. There's an aura of otherworldliness around him that shouts "I don't belong here even though I look like I do". There's a vibration that buzzes around him...I can't explain it.

[In waking state in my old apt. I had been having dreams where I'd fight with spirits coming from one of the closets. I'd sometimes dream of a crowd of recently departed spirits milling about waiting to be picked up.]

So this "son" offers to stay overnight in one of the closets. And he did, he stood in that space, staring at me with those damn eyes and I slept like a baby that night. No frightening dreams, no spirit dreams, just the dream about him. When I awoke[7] it was morning and he was gone. I felt good. He left a spoon with water in it on the floor in the center of the room. Don't know what it represented, but I haven't dreamed of him since.


couch was in front of the large livingroom window

She seldom comes to my apartment.

which she currently owns

I was supposed to be the infant's mother even though I had not even been pregnant.

She had sort of poppy eyes, had medium light to medium brown skin, hair was grayish black and seemed wavy but unkempt, and was quite well-behaved.

same as waking state, only classes start in September

This was a dream in a dream.

I feel that I was being shown these images of the UFOs, but I don't know by whom nor why. I enjoyed the years of dreaming UFOs; it was exciting to see the different types. It was also frightening at times.

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