August 28, 2010




Sunday, July 10, 2005--a
7:42 AM
RF# 7.5

LAST UFO DREAM: 14 DAYS ago (2005-6-JUN26-SU--U)
-------Similarities Between Current & Previous accounts:
-------1. Both dreamed on Sunday @ the 7th hour
-------2. Blue was a color associated with the UFO
-------3. UFO was witnessed by others
-------4. UFO was hovering nearby

NEXT UFO DREAM: Not analyzed.

THEME: Seeing a UFO

UFO, robotic entity, two men, old friend/enemy, sky, window, anxiety/fear??

LOCATION & SETTING: I'm outdoors. It is daytime and sunny with a blue sky.

SUMMARY: UFO hovers at window as if watching.

Went to sleep contemplating my life—whether I've been a good enough person, that I'm going to die from some disease.

PARTICIPATING. It's daytime and I'm outside a building with 3 or more people. They are seated on the stairs, talking amongst themselves, and I'm standing on a step. I notice a UFO[1] in the sky on the right (going rightward?) but they haven't noticed. I say, "I just saw a UFO".

A short period of time goes by and the UFO reappears in the sky on the left, going upward from center to upper left? It moves at a moderate pace, somewhat fast. I call out to them that there's a UFO in the sky.

Now I'm inside an apt. and the UFO is quite close to the outside wall of the building and drops down so that it is positioned in front of a wide, dark grey tinted window. The craft is clearly seen and hovers there motionless as if looking inside or standing guard. There's a distinct impression of being watched by the UFO. The sight of the craft unnerves me, and I feel apprehension--not terror but a slight anxiety. I do, however, fear its occupants will enter the apt. There is a black woman[2] inside the apt. and I tell her about the craft being outside the window. (parts forgotten).

Some time later, I notice that the UFO is still hovering, holding its position. I walk up to the right side of the window where the front of the craft is. I look through the window and can see inside the pilot compartment of the craft but cannot make out whether there is anyone sitting in what seems to be a large chair on the left side of that compartment. Most of the craft can be seen, except for the back and bottom section. It is not tilted up or down.

Next, I see that there is a metal robot[3] of very tall stature. It stands between two side by side windows, and its right side can be seen from the right edge of the left window. The apt. is about two stories high, and this robot is of a lower height than the craft. The robot wants access to the apt. I am certain of this for it is standing very close to the window as if standing to the building's entrance door. I fear that it will make it inside, then there is a feeling the robot has, indeed, entered the building.

The robotic being is now represented as two white men in brown and tan plaid shirts. They seem identical like they are workers and are in what seems to be a kitchen. The light is on, whereas the entire time the livingroom has been w/o light and somewhat dim. I'm standing in the doorway, watching and questioning the men. Parts forgotten.


The UFO was off-white and had about three sections with a rounded dome. In the central area of the craft's mid-section was a word. The following is what I remember about the word which may have been the name of the craft:

a) it had dark royal blue lettering in bold plain type similar to Arial or Courier font with softly rounded squares

b) there was either an 'ing' or 'er' ending (like 'Onlooking' or 'Onlooker')

c) there were at least two O's in the center of the word

d) there was an H or M, possibly both letters, at or near the beginning of the word

e) there was definitely an E
f) the word had at least two syllables
g) there were about 8 to 10 letters in the word
h) the word had some reference to the craft, it being in the air, or something that seemed obvious to me at the time

i) For some reason I refused to even memorize the word during the dream, as if it made no sense or was too obvious a reference.

VM, someone I knew at Janet Memorial.

The robot had a human-like persona, stoodabout 10 feet high and 3 feet wide, was a silvery gold color, had a human-like structure with thick arms and possibly no separated legs but may have been able to glide.

Have never been able to understand what the UFO dreams represented. Could UFOs be symbolic for God or harbor a spiritual connotation? Are they my Alien or Spiritual brothers and sisters—or God—trying to offer moral support—saying "We're still with you?"


representation for God?; Aliens; some type of communication

looking inside one's soul; guardianship

looking outside one's self for answers

the unknown/unfamiliar seeking entry to subconscious (ground floor)

message (forgotten)

Feeling down-spirited by the volume of debt I have, poor health and body image, the unhappiness of my daughter regarding her familial isolation, my inability to help her and my failure at not having raised her better. Unhappy about my life's direction, my lack of understanding of God and why the world isn't getting any better.