August 28, 2010



circa 1972
RF 10
AGE: 8 to 12 yrs

UFO hovers in front of hall window in broad daylight, while I stand petrified on the stairs.


Sunday, September 18, 1994
3:18 AM

If I'm not mistaken, I had visited North Carolina shortly before the dreams. On the first night I arrived, I laid down to sleep on my stomach. My head was some five feet from a door (left). I could hear crickets outside, and they were really loud. After a short few minutes I noticed a blanket of quiet silenced everything, including the crickets. It was unnerving, and I had the distinct feeling that something was different,--if not wrong--and I sensed that something was going to happen. I kept staring at the door and felt that someone was going to come into the room through that door. This quiet continued for at least ten minutes.

I must have fallen asleep because a while later my uncle came in to introduce himself. I nearly jumped out of my skin. Don't remember if I heard any crickets.

Either during that trip or another, I saw an odd dirt circle in an area of sparse grass. From where I stood the circle was about four feet in diameter. Over the weeks, everytime I saw it (about three times), I had an eerie feeling similar to the one I felt when I saw the crop circle in Upstate New York some 10 years later.

Childhood home in Paterson, NJ.

THEME: UFO hovering near building or window.

PARTICIPATING. When I was a young girl I dreamed of a flying saucer (UFO) about 3 or 4 times. The craft was a cream or beige color and was about 10 feet in diameter with a round, flat top. It would fly past my second floor hallway window (right to left) during the daylight hour. It emitted an intermittent beeping of 2 or 3 different tones[1] as it hovered outside. I was standing three feet from the window midway the third and second floor landings of stairs. I was rooted to the spot--I could not move. My heart was pounding, and I felt apprehensive as the UFO tilted downward as to get a better look at me through the hall window.

I never gave much thought to those dreams until recently in 1989, I started having UFO dreams then began reading into UFO abductions and sightings. I seriously doubt a sighting really happened in Paterson during daylight hours. (Read Prelim)


Sunday, September 18, 1994
I can't believe I left out so much info (& exaggerated about the size of the UFO).


In my memory I can still hear that sequence of tones, but can't duplicate them.

I believe the dream was a result of something that happened in Carolina.

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