April 25, 2011



September to November 1989
PM (Afternoon)

Two UFOs land in apartment bathroom.

Childhood bathroom--well lit with natural or artificial light.

OBSERVING. I'm watching a still scene of my childhood bathroom which was pretty spacious and well lit as it normally had been. The view is of the doorway and the light colored linoleum flooring. But the rest of its interior--the closet opposite the door, the toilet, sink, door and ceiling was present or at least they were not remembered.

Two UFOs descend from the ceiling area and land side by side on the floor. The first craft (left) has a yellowish-cream color, and the second one was white. Then the UFOs ascend, leaving behind on the linoleum floor, rings of flame where the heat of the craft bottoms ignited the flooring.

This dream was one of the 1st of a series of UFO dreams that lasted well into the year 1992 and beyond.

ADDITIONAL REMEMBRANCES (included in revised version above)

Saturday, July 14, 2001
7:33 PM

The bathroom was brightly lit with white light either natural or artificial. I saw them come down through what seemed to be a non-existent roof/ceiling. I lived on the third floor—highest floor.

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