January 20, 2012




I'm aboard Alien ship and find pirated copies of my dreams and pictures; I attack Alien in retaliation.

Fell asleep at the computer while enabling and disabling Chrome Browser plug-ins. First Alien dream of the year; first I've had in a while.


Thursday, January 19, 2012
8:02 PM
RF 9.7

Segment 1
PARTICIPATING. I'm sitting in an okay-lit room that has light color walls. There is a long, rectangular table (about 9 feet long and 3.5 feet wide) of a medium brown color with an identical table about three feet across from it. I'm seated in an office-type chair that has wheels (my back is to the dream screen). To my far right at the center right end of the centermost table are two Alien beings seated close beside one another. When I'm looking at them their backs (and left sides) are facing me.

They appear to be working on something I seem to think is formaliac in nature like a math-related program. They aren't making a sound but I'm bored and entertain myself by rolling in the chair up and down that aisle (the space between the two tables) while they work. At one point, I accidentally bump into the back of their chairs, and I can feel the contact of the right side of my shoulder and chair make with the backs of their chairs. I couldn't prevent the contact and I say, "Oops, sorry." I don't remember hearing any reply.

I continue my glide along the space a couple more times then stop, and face the end of the second table. The surface is smooth and nothing is set on it (as far as I remember), at least not on the most of it.

Then I find at the very end of the table (my back is to the two Aliens at the further end of the first table) I spot a set of bound items with bright colored covers. I pick them up so that there is one in each hand (the one in the left hand is hot pink and most clearly remembered--their size is the standard U.S. size sheets (8.5 x 11") but made of heavy duty paper (about #50 bond--the exact kind and color I actually used a few years back to bind a couple chapters of my novel). The covers are bound on the left edge by two or three small, black office clips but at the topmost edge there is a black 2.75 inch diameter, plastic lock with a distinct roundish shape (a sort of three or four barrelled ridge over a slightly wider base). I wonder as to why the contents are locked.

Despite the lock, I am able to thumb through the pages freely. Inside, the paper color is light green of regular weight (#20 bond--and again, this is a color paper that I have used a few years back). The print of the material within is a semi-bold black with clear, detailed drawings of Aliens with pointy elf-like ears (think the movie 'Gremlins'). My eyes widen with disbelief because the material is actually a retelling of my own dream accounts (and drawings?)--they have reworked into a story format. I'm straight away livid that someone would steal my work and pass it off as their own!

Segment 2
PARTICIPATING. Now there's a tall light skin Alien in a long cream colored robe or long gown with a hood over his head. I don't remember seeing his face full on.

I begin to hit him with my hands--attack him--because he is the cause of the stolen work. I think I chase him around the room (the same one, I believe). He tries to defend himself but not to the point of striking me.

Towards the end of the dream we are on the left side of the room near a wall and his rightmost back is facing me as I pound the back and top of his head mercilessly, trying to crack it open if necessary because somehow my (left?) hand is in his mouth to the right side. Some aspect of me (participating or observing self) sees his mouth is open, revealing sharp, spaced, canine-like teeth. I feel the hardness of the lower teeth as I hit him on the head, wanting him to let go of my hand. He isn't biting me; it's like he's applying a small amount of pressure. He stands a little stooped over from the blows, and I can feel the smooth, round shape of his head under the hood as my (right?) hand whacks him again and again. I awake.

Gee, I feel bad about that. I can be really mean in my dreams, especially in the ET dreams. I can't remember what the story was about but yet it's there in the back of my head and I can still see those two side by side pages with the three or four images of the ETs. What I most recollect is their pointy ears and how Gremlin-like[1] they were. I don't think I've dreamed of those type of ETs before, and I don't think the tall ET was one of them. As far as I know, the two males at the table--whose faces I did not see clear--did not get involved in the fight, and the tall one was felt to be more in command, not necessarily the leader, though.


[1] --- in a cute way--not all crinkly and green or demonic-looking

Wore a long, unadorned, cream-colored, hooded robe or long gown that looks to be made of thick cotton fabric. Beige skin, about 6 feet 5 inches tall or less, of slender build though the unbelted robe made him seem wider. but can see the right side of his face at the jaw level--the length of his head appears to be about 12 inches and maybe about 8 inches wide.] The shape of his head feels smooth and round at the top, possibly wider at the bottom with a wide mouth that can at least open to a height of 3 or so inches. The dreaming me sees the bottom row of his teeth which are no more than 2.25 inches long, being a pale yellow color at the bottom nearest the gum line and a more whitish beige from mid length to the rounded (but slightly sharp) points; there are at least half an inch spaces between the teeth (think of canine teeth and you'll have an image). Seemed basically benevolent.

They are the least seen of the dream. All I can say is that they wore black or dark clothing and their chairs were black. They had an aura of being workers, possibly what we would call computer nerds, benevolent and patient (or indulgent because they have to be).

Only their faces and necks were drawn. Most clearly seen were their moderately large, pointy ears similar to the movie "The Gremlins". Their faces seemed really familiar but weren't remembered enough to give a clear description. I do recollect that their skin was a medium beige and not monsterish or crinkly to any great degree, and I vaguely remember seeing a set of four or so diagonal lines (upper right to lower left) on their lower face or neck area.

Not sure if this dream is in response to my request a few days ago to dream of ET-related visitations from my childhood. I don't think it's a recent dream because I seem younger, perhaps in my late teens or early to mid 20's.

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