January 5, 2012




I see UFOs, cars cease to move, beings rush at me, then later I'm abducted.


Childhood apartment and neighborhood--depicted accurately. Also a possible blend of two settings: Childhood and current apts.


Thursday, January 5, 2012
1:10 PM

I did not clearly record whether it was daytime or nighttime at the start of the dream. It may be that there was significant passage of time depicted in the dream which could account for the confusion of whether it was day or night. Part of the problem is that I remember the following account as being two separate dream events: the sighting being one event and the subsequent attack then later abduction being another. This confusion is partly due (I suspect) to the memory of another dream of a craft that lands much the same way as in this dream:

Friday, February 9, 1990
7:29 AM/PM?
RF 8+


Segment 1
PARTICIPATING. In the dream I'm slimmer than in reality, and my older brother B___ is in the house but not seen. I'm in what appears to be my childhood apartment in Paterson, and as I'm looking out of a large window (of what could be either my childhood neighborhood or that of my current apt. in Elizabeth) I see ahead in the distance two huge UFOs landing in the distance among the landscape of trees.

They were dark with lights coming from little rectangular windows.

Segment 2
PARTICIPATING. (I'm not sure how I felt about seeing the UFOs). I'm attending, or am preparing to attend, a gym or exercise class which is part of my daily activities, so I'm full of nervous energy, maybe even feeling that the UFO occupants are expected.

I go outside which is definitely my old neighborhood, and there are cars driving by. I walk off the porch and stand on the sidewalk in front of the apartment building, and notice some strange-looking people. (I vaguely remember there being a UFO hovering towards my right field of vision.) There is something amiss because I ask myself, "Why aren't the cars moving?"

Everything has a dark haze over it (like it's suddenly late in the day, almost evening) and something has caused immobilization or time distortion. Oh, yes! It's nighttime. These strange people attack me—a sudden approach then they're hitting me, but I didn't feel anything. I have the impression that it is a sort of initiation.

They speak telepathically. I begpn to think of the author of the book COMMUNION, Whitley Strieber, of how he had felt when he was given an initiation. They tell me telepathically that they'll be back for me. (I can't remember how these beings looked, but I was not uncomfortable with their appearance.)

Segment 3
PARTICIPATING. I don't know how I get back upstairs, but I'm again looking out the window, and it is now daylight and cloudy. I remember going to the bathroom (unfamiliar), taking a yellow notebook (that in reality I threw away two days ago) and starting to write down what happened with seeing the UFO and the occupants interaction with me. I only write a few sentences before I end up having to go to the bathroom again.

I'm getting ready for gym class, and it's raining out, so I sit down to put on my black socks. I put plastic bags on over them (just as I do in reality) to keep my feet dry. The UFO occupants walk into the room, returning as promised. They entered the apartment through somewhere in the back, perhaps from the bathroom. They want to take me and everyone in the house which turns out to be 2 males and myself. I'm not scared but run because I'm not ready to leave with them.


Place sketch here

They were tall, dressed in metallic suits, carried weapons—some had a type of gun and others carried a 2 x 4 wood board. Their heads were kind of cone-shaped, though I may have inadvertantly reversed the head. The eyes seemed normal, though I don't truly remember the eyes.

They take us to a building that looks like some kind of wholesale storage building. The guys are trying to get away but there are people with 2 x 4s swinging at them, trying to hurt us if we try to get away. I say to the guys about the aliens, "They won't harm me," then I run past the aliens and a couple of them half-heartedly try to hit me, though one did hit me lightly (on leg or arm).

I most clearly remember one of the aliens—a white, blond-haired female who smiles broadly and is friendly, not intimidating like some of the others, especially those that were carrying the weapons. These particular ETs are situated around the corner to the right and do not allow us to enter pass them. I seem comfortable as if I am familiar with them.

I wake up then return to sleep, dreaming that I'm back in the apartment (which is no longer my childhood home then I go to the bathroom. Dream over.

I probably have forgotten some of this dream since I woke up several times this morning.


Sunday, July 15, 2001

It wasn't really a dark haze but it was the last remnants of daylight as it begins to grow dark but the horizon still possessed a small amount of light.

It always amazes me how parts are left out although I can still remember them. How I knew that the aliens with the guns were around the corner is because I walked over to one (stood at center of dream screen) who had gun in both hands and a stern look on his? face. I stood facing him (center with my back to dream screen) and was sort of challenging him by my presence but he sternly shooed me away with a movement of his arms, gun still in tow. There are no colors mentioned such as the red metallic of the fabric he wore but there may have been medium green or some other color.