March 6, 2012




I'm in a dark place, see my shadow on a wall, and later am accosted by three secret agents.

Heard cathedral bells just prior to bedtime, then later felt air moving over upper body.


Monday, March 5, 2012--b
5 AM appx.

RF: SEG 1 & 2= 10.5
RF: SEG 3 = 9.71

Segment 1
PARTICIPATING. I fell asleep lying on my right side. The next thing I'm aware of is sitting up in a mostly pitch dark space like a long wide hallway. To my right it is a deep black void and in the upper right portion is a faint round lime green glow. I don't know where I am and it has a haunting feel to it. I sense that there is a huge presence to my right high in the air shrouded by the dark. I keep looking into it, searching for movement or something. But I see nothing but the faint light to the left. I'm a little apprehensive about what is going on. My senses are on high alert; I'm ready for action. I'm certain there is an Alien presence, but I can't prove it. I look to the left and there is more darkness with a little light and I can see structures. It's like I'm in a storage space or in the basement of a building. It's totally weird.

I'm not on the floor but raised off the ground. Across from me is a light color wall--I know this because there's a pale yellow light (like a 20 watt bulb) on the wall as if it comes from outside. Perhaps there is a wide window and a light source beyond it. But curiously this light casts a telling shadow, and I see a form I assume is me reflected on the wall and that I'm seated on what clearly appears to be a guerney (a hospital bed). I see the lattice-like frame construction of the underside of the bed. "I'm on a guerney!" I say out loud. I move around to make the bed move just to be sure the shadow is that of what I'm sitting on, and it moves correspondingly. I look about me again. There may be parts forgotten.

Segment 2
PARTICIPATING. CLEARLY THERE WAS A BREAK IN THE ACTION. It feels like the dream has restarted, only now I'm sitting there staring into the dark void to the right. Something is there; I know it. The air has weight like it's made of something I can physically move--I can't describe it. I move my hands in front of me like swimmers do in water to propell themselves forward, only I don't move my whole body, just my arms, letting the back of my hands push back from a central point in front of us, trying to clear a path in the dark. I can feel the space move; I'm trying to see what is beyond the darkness. In the end I don't see anything but have a feeling that the dark is deep like water. This action is remembered as occurring twice during this segment. I have some thoughts during my "swim" but are forgotten.

Again, there is something about the area to the distant left. I still see the shadow of the guerney. There's something odd going on but I can't get what it is. It all feels so waking state real. I wonder where I am because it's such an odd place. I feel like I've been left to die--discarded--but I'm not dead. I feel as if I'm awake.

Segment 3
PARTICIPATING. I'm in a well lit but undefined room. I walk across a section of it to the apartment door and open it. Oh! I'm in my old apt.--it is clearly the hallway there which as it always had been, is brightly lit with white light. Right smack in front of the door are three tall, brawny white men of identical height and shape (bald heads?) with identical khaki colored (beige) trench coat, standing very close side by side. They form a wall and I attempt to walk past them on the right but the two rightmost guys simply put an arm under my arms and lift me up and carry me back into the apt. Parts forgotten. What I know is that they are some type of Government agents that are there to watch me and prevent me from leaving. It's like I'm under house arrest or being abducted. I'm not free to leave the apt. I struggle but it's of no use. Their presence is very realistic. I faintly remember feeling them touch me, but it feels like this segment's event truly happened and my emotions are that of a person being held captive, but I don't sense I'm in danger. Parts forgotten.

Segment 3 (maybe the entire dream) may be showing an event that actually happened--perhaps on the astral, maybe on the physical somehow. Could even be events that occurred in a parallel life. It was so vivid, it just felt like it happened somewhere and I'm remembering it as a dream.

Symbolically, (as the title coincidentally suggests) I could be seeing my life as a black, void I'm trying to wade through with little success and feel as if I'm being held back, nearly a captive in a world foreign to me.

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