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SUMMARY: I awake paralyzed and see an alien.

CR# Friday, May 10, 1996--B [1996--05-10b-FR--AY]

Went to bed at about 5 AM after having little sleep in the past 30 hours. I also read some UFO books, but the "dream" content did not match the material I read.

In waking state it was dark in my current apartment bedroom, and I was lying on my stomach. The bed is just about up against the wall, at a diagonal angle. Curtains were partially closed before going to bed.

THEME: Seeing an alien in my bedroom.

I pulled the short cover over my head and settled down to sleep. With a feeling that little time had elapsed the following "dream" event happened:


Saturday, October 5, 1996--A
6:25 AM
RF: 10

PARTICIPATING. I awaken to a pressure on my spine (small of the back), and the sensation of something sort of tapping and pressing the mid part of it. I feel paralyzed—stiff and unable to move. Though it is extremely difficult to move, I manage to twist to my right in hopes that I can see who is behind me.

After struggling, I say mentally[1], "I will not fear," then I glance over my shoulder and see a bulbous head of an Alien with dark almond-shaped eyes which are a few shades darker than the alien's light brown skin. In the meager light filtering in, the alien is barely visible. It's looking at me, the slightest reflection of light casting off the left corner of its left eye[2]. It doesn't move and appears to be standing in the middle of the bed through the mattress and two box springs. I turn and look into the mirror, but the alien is not visible; it's gone.

I scramble out of bed and onto the floor, practically crouching on my hind legs. I say out loud, "You don't have to hide. Come back. I've already seen you!" I look around the room. The nightlight seems to be on.

Upon awakening I felt aliens were still in the room and were nearby; I readjusted my head covers[3]. The "dream" seemed so real, but the covers were undisturbed. The dream appears to have a realness in a state between awake and sleep. Awake time was 6:25 am.

The alien had a bulbous head with dark almond-shaped eyes which are a few shades darker than the alien's light brown skin. It's body was barely as high as the window ledge which was at least three feet high. A small amount of light was reflected in the corner of one eye. Appeared to be standing through the mattress and two box springs.


In reality I read that we should not be afraid of the visitations or paralysis.

the right corner of its right eye

I wore multiple hats and/or scarves to bed to shield my scalp from (normal or fan) air that gives me bad headaches not matter how hot it is in the apartment.

EXCERPT From CR# 1996--10-05b-SA--A:
The first time I fell asleep in previous dream, I'd close my eyes and see light shadows rolling across my field of vision from right to left. For the most part the light shadows weren't so bright.

Sometimes these dreams are difficult to define as merely dreams due to their vivid nature (and high strangeness in some cases). They feel to be real events until I have awakened with no evidence the dream action ever took place.

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