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SUMMARY: A man and robots? at my bedside.

Prayed to God for the first time in a several weeks. Blessed everyone, including those baddie spirits that might want to be good spirits again, Angels, Archangels (the entire hierarchy), the tall man I've seen and dreamed about (assuming he's one and the same), and a few friends. I did not pray specifically for the Aliens, on purpose.

Before falling into a restless sleep, I did a silent prayer, asking God to surround me with His Presence and Energy, then I visualized the white light of protection. My final thought, to no one in particular, was that I didn't feel well, though not nearly as bad as I could feel. I drifted off to sleep, awakening often for the space of two hours--the longest uninterrupted bit of time was the last 45 minutes, during which I had the dream posted below:

A very real-feeling dream. I'm not sure in what context to place this dream. Is it an alien visitation memory surfacing in dream format, or is it a real time event taking place astrally? Or is it simply a dream? What I can attest to is that this dream felt real and that my personality was as it would be in waking life. I find the person in the dream stands out even now as I type this account three days later. There were two things about him I remember: His face, his smile and that he was recognized as someone famous or at the very least, someone familiar.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010
1:46 AM
RF 10

Segment 1
I'm in bed in a bedroom that looks like my old apartment. I'm lying on my stomach with my head facing left (both as in reality). I might be at the foot of the bed.

Segment 2
I think something happens here, but it is forgotten.

Segment 3
I become aware that I'm not alone in the room which is dark but the immediate area is illuminated in some manner by pale light bright enough that I can tell my sheets are dark gray or olive. I sense a strong presence of someone standing beside the bed to my upper right. From that direction I hear a clicking sound and there's no doubt something is going on. I feel normal enough and lift my head to look to my right but then feel my upper body gently held down or weighted--I'm not sure how this is done, just along the upper body. This feeling of a presence is strong as if someone might be standing over me. I sense that my moving or seeing them isn't part of their agenda. But wayward me is determined to see what's going on. I say, "No, I want to see you," and I use my elbows to pivot my body, making remarkable headway because in dreams of this nature I usually hit a barrier and can move or see nothing past a peripheral range. Thus I am now facing the right corner of the bed and see peripherally--more than that, really--a very solid, wide, black leg[1] of what I feel to be a robot or machine of some sort. It isn't moving, yet I feel it is a being of some sort that can act independently.

Encouraged that I'm not being made to stop, I continue to pivot around (90 degrees, I believe) until I seem to be sitting up in the middle of the bed with these black beings--for I sense there are at least three--at my bedside but shrouded in the shadows of the dark. I can't see naught but black from left to right at the opposite corner of the bed. At this point I can not swear that I am watching from my physical body--I may be in my astral form though I feel to be normal as if in the physical. I feel no malevolence and no odd sensations.

Very soon, I see someone in the midst of the dark beings that are felt to be gathered close near the corner of the bed (which later is revealed to be the head of the bed) to my right. I'm astonished that this person--all I see is a face and neck, the rest shrouded in the dark--is a handsome, smiling, white man[2]. I immediately recognize him as someone famous--an actor or someone I've seen on TV--or someone so familiar as to be immediately recognized. (Even now, I can see him) I sense he is with the military and that I have caught him in the middle of some sort of procedure--surgery or something odd, for he's only at the edge of the bed, and I'm positioned at the middle of a queen size bed. He's looking at me with his chin slightly uplifted, teeth showing a little--a friendly smile; he doesn't seem to be concerned that I can see him. I remain motionless and stare at him real hard, meaning for my expression to look very serious to match the tone I use when I say to him, "I know who you are." The words come out moderately emphasized. I hold his gaze and I think he stops smiling, his face starts to blur out of focus and I laugh heartily then say something like "I had you going, didn't I?" because I want him to think I really don't recognize him though I do. I'm messing with him on purpose. His face comes back into focus. That's all I remember.

Segment 4
I'm alone in my bedroom now. It's the aftermath of the visitation and it's still night. I'm sitting at the head of the bed, my back against the party wall. I'm thinking about the odd occurrence of how I managed to end up at the foot of the bed--how did it happen? And I'm acknowledging that now I'm back at the head of the bed. What happened in between, I'm wondering? I remember I had been visited at some point.

I feel disquieted, pensive, and full aware that I had not been alone, that I had been taken and returned but to the wrong end of the bed. (I seem to visualize having gotten up after the visitation and walked back to the head of the bed where I am).

Segment 5
There seems to be a brief jump in time, because now it's daytime but I'm still sitting with my back propped against the wall. There is someone in the room with me (some three feet away, center left from my position) but they are not seen. I think I ask her, "How did (name forgotten) make out?" [What's odd here is that now the visitation that was clearly mine in the previous segments, now seems to be that of someone else's[3].] My companion replies matter-of-factly, "She's back to her old self if she's moving furniture." And with that, I see a slender white woman backing up into (entering) the room through a door leading from outside. I see that it is daytime and that the asked-about woman is helping to carry in a lowboy dresser which is seen from the back (made of light brown wood and the backing is unfinished). The woman is wearing light brown or beige clothing. Face not seen.

In waking reality, that bedroom was on the fifth floor with no door leading to outside. To the right of the dream door would be a pair of closets.


It was black like a tube or barrel shape with periodic round edged protrusions of joints--think of a necklace with a barrel or tube bead then on top of it is a flat spacer bead or button of the same color that overlaps slightly with another barrel or tube bead on top of that. This being is felt to be at least four feet tall and it's 'leg' seems to be at least 12 inches in diameter.

He has normal-looking human features with blond or light brown crew cut hair; pale pink-hued skin; slender, oblong face, handsome with a youthful, vibrant smile; in his 30's or 40's.


The above encounter now seems to be that of another woman's and not mine--an odd displacement that has happened in about a handful of UFO/Alien dreams I've had.



Night Visitors -- Real Time Dreams, Memory or Symbolic?

Old Apt: Refers to where I lived for 20 years and experienced strange occurrences and 15+ years of UFO/Alien dreams.

Segment: Rrefers to an elapse of time in a dream (time of day change, minutes, hours or days have gone by).


January 14, 2010

For the past month or so my dreams have been calm, and I've had difficulty remembering them. Also, haven't done much prayer until two nights ago which was to God, praying for various people in my life, including the tall man, the Angels ( I did not pray for the ETs, mind you), etc.''Then I had this brief, vivid dream only a about an hour later. I felt every movement, including the sensation of laughter.

Segment 1
I'm in the bedroom of my old apt. I'm in bed, lying on my stomach, head facing the fire escape wall. I'm aware that someone is in the room with me. The presence is strong. I lift my head to turn around and see what is there, but I am gently prevented somehow from doing so. But this action does not sway me, and I manage to pivot rightward until I see in the peripheral vision of my right eye, something black standing right at the side of the bed. I hear a clicking sound that comes from the area of what I feel to be a 'robot' or some sort of mechanical being (I sense it can function independently). I only see its lower body and one side of its leg. The rest of the being isshrouded in darkness[1].

I continue to move until I am sitting? in the middle of the bed. I don't know if I'm in my body or in my astral body this whole time, but I feel as if I'm in my physical. I sense there are other robotic? beings in the room and that they, too, are in the shadows. BUT strangely there is a white man[2] whose face I see quite clear at the edge of the opposite end of the bed. I see only his face and neck and cannot be sure what he is doing. I swear, they are gathered around the one side and (head?) of the bed like they are doing surgery or some kind of observation. I stare at him because I recognize him as a famous actor (or someone who is so familiar to me as to be easily recognized as I would recognize a famous person--I could pick him out from a photo line-up. I have a feeling . . . a thought regarding the military and that he's there on their behalf--working with them. I say to him, keeping my voice very serious and ominous, "I know who you are." And his friendly smile fades, a slightly shocked or surprised look surfacing and his face becomes blurred. Then I laugh loud and hearty, and say something like, "Had you going, didn't I?" But I'm lying to him, because I really do recognize him on some level of reality, but I no longer want him to think I do. [And even now typing this I am sure this person really exists, famous or not.] He's smiling again and once again I see his face clear. End of this segment.

Segment 2
Just that quick I'm alone in the room, sitting up at the head of the bed, my back against the party wall as I ponder what just happened: "I was here at the head of the bed then I was at the foot of the bed. Now I'm back here again." I know that someone took me from the room then returned me. The bedroom door is open and there's a bright yellow light shining in from the apt. hall. I'm aware of the interaction recounted above.

Segment 3
Now, there's someone in the bedroom with me, but I don't see them. I must have made some comment about the woman who went through the visitation mentioned above, about whether she has recovered (RE after the experience)[3]. A woman responds in these exact words: "She's back to her old self if she's moving furniture." With that I see a tall, slender, white woman entering the room back first, holding the sides of a large, wood dresser, the back of it seen on the right. There is obviously someone at the opposite end but the dream ends or that's all I remember.


A black like a tube or barrel shape with periodic round edged protrusions of joints--think of a necklace with a barrel or tube bead then on top of it is a flat spacer bead or button of the same color that overlaps slightly with yet another barrel or tube bead on top of that. This being is at least four feet tall and one 'leg' is at least 18 inches in diameter.

He has normal-looking human features with blond or light brown crew cut hair; pale pink-hued skin; slender, oblong, handsome face with a youthful, vibrant smile. And he's in his 30's or 40's.

The above encounter now seems to be that of another woman's and not mine--an odd displacement that has happened in only about a handful of UFO/Alien dreams I've had.

The sheet was a dark gray or olive green color. Interesting because at one point, I did have a dark gray flat sheet I used on the mattress in the old apt. This would be circa 2000. Also, the position of the bed would date any possible waking experiences to circa 1984-88 and circa 2000. There were only about 3 or 4 times in 20 years that the head of the bed was up against that party wall. Usually, the side of the bed was parallel to it or the bed was totally opposite to the party wall. The room layout looked totally like the old apt. right down to the yellow hall light streaming brightly into the room. Strange thing is . . . this 'dream' feels like a repeat dream. The only difference is that the first two segments of the dream were possibly dreamed at different times but were not consciously remembered and, therefore, never recorded.

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