October 16, 2013



SUMMARY: ET hybrid or Contactees have to leave Earth because of their ET interaction memories.

Sunday, August 19, 2012 9:07 AM appx
RF: 8.75


OBSERVING (and PARTICIPATING?) -- I'm watching a man talk to an unseen person. This unseen person can be heard and the voice is masculine, but I cannot determine if this person is human or an ET. In the dream, I sense that the person is white-skinned and may be a Tall White type of ET.

The gist of the conversation is that an undisclosed amount of hybrid ETs and/or contactees have come to the end of their committment with the ETs and now must leave Earth. BUT the man and some of the other hybrids/contactees don't want to leave.

NOTE: The part that follows is unclear to me. I'm not sure if I continued to observe or if I was participating and advised the unseen person as to what alternative options the hybrids/contactees could be offered. ]

The man or I ask the unseen person why the ETs can't just remove the parts of the hybrids/contactees' memory that contain their interactions with the ETs so that they can remain on Earth? Why make them leave the planet?

This conversation repeated or continued for a time. I seem to be giving input mentally somehow as if I am the man in the dream.