April 28, 2009



Wednesday, February 12, 1997--a
Appx 9:30 AM
RF# 8.5+

SUMMARY: Three triangular crafts enter room.

It's nighttime. I'm in the somewhat dark living room of my current apartment. I'm standing near the 8 foot wide double windows.


Segment 1
Two jet black, triangular-shaped objects enter the room at about 7 feet (room is 8 feet high), through one of the double windows. The crafts are not flat but have have a three dimensional appearance. Each of these craft (panels) is approximately 1 ½ to 2 feet in diameter. They quickly swoop down in an arched drop to approximately 6 feet and move slowly (forward?) and sort of hover long enough for me to get a good look at them.

One craft is very close to the long party wall, and it's tipped down at a rightward angle. I think of how its shape is that of a triangle, and I take special notice of its top which is also triangular and lit with a muted whitish yellow light in the center. Blending in from the edges are the colors red, orange, white and yellow. Very pretty.

The two crafts move on toward the front of the room, perhaps down the hallway. I'm excited. (I'm not certain if I'm afraid.) Soon after, I see a smaller triangular craft enter the livingroom through one of the windows. This small craft is only about 5 inches in diameter and is lit with yellow light. No black or any color, I don't think. It goes no further than the windows. I'm so excited.

Finally I get the idea to get my camera, and I pick it up from the table to my right. The craft has become mobile, positioning itself in front of a plant pot—in the center—and I take a picture. After I do, the craft is gone and what remains on the pot exterior is a yellow, goldish brown after-image of a triangle and it does not fade away. I'm glad I have the picture as proof the craft had been there. Someone enters the room, and I tell them what I saw. This section kept repeating.

Segment 2
Now I'm in a lighted room [that reminds me of Granny's kitchen...] with a group of black men who are Jamaican or other nationality. We're sitting around and they're talking. I seem uncomfortable, preoccupied with the earlier UFO event. ...I leave and enter a dark room with a more relaxing atmosphere. In there is seating and a gray or brown tinted glass table. To the left is my black radio, and I turn it on. It has small, horizontal bars on it that light up lime green and move in beat with the music. I think over the earlier events. There is an atmosphere of anxiety, like something is going to happen.

[#1 & 2] Jet black; triangular shaped; three-dimensional; about 24 inches in diameter; domed top with white-yellow light emitting from it; edges of craft in red, orange, yellow and white.

[#3] Very small--5 inch diameter triangle made of yellow light that leaves a yellow-gold brown after image. No visible hard body.