April 28, 2009



Saturday, March 3, 2007
appx 4 am

DREAM SUMMARY: I see a UFO in the sky.

I’m standing in the middle of what appears to be the livingroom of an apartment, and I'm looking out a large picture window. It’s dark outside, not pitch black but a kind of blue gray. Hovering in the sky very close to the building[1] is a round high-walled UFO that has a pale yellow cast and darkened windows. The UFO moves across the sky from one side to the other. It seems focused on my presence.


In this dream the craft hovering close by reminds me of several previous dreams where the ‘realness feel’ of the dream and the position of the craft are identical. I’ve had at least a handful of dreams where I see a UFO outside a window of a building I am in. These crafts would hover alongside the building as if waiting or looking for me—always positioned some 5 feet or less from the window where I watched anxiously. Often there is someone in the room with me (definitely somewhere in the apt. or house) when the craft is spotted (usually by me). Further, the craft—one of similar shape, if not also color—has appeared in at least one other dream.

These dreams really make me wonder if I actually saw a UFO at some time in my life but have forgotten.

Seeing the craft felt so real. The dream had that strange “this isn’t a dream” kind of realness. The atmosphere of the dream was one of eerie realness and was similar to other dreams that occurred in 2006 (and most notably during the 1989-2002 year UFO dream flap) and with my very first UFO dream in the 1970s.

CROSS-REFERENCE: Tuesday, October 9, 2007