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Sunday, February 27, 2005--d
1:30 PM
RF 8.5


It's daytime, and I'm walking along a sidewalk

Read a Romance Novel before going to sleep

SUMMARY: Kids are possessed by Aliens


Segment 1
It's daytime and I'm outside walking along a sidewalk with a grandmother[1] and her grandson[2] who needs to use the bathroom. She is a little annoyed by the inconvenience. He points to an entrance near the end of the sidewalk to their right[3]. The boy leads her to a building a short distance away and they enter through a doorless doorway. I remain in the middle of the sidewalk, waiting for them to come back out. From where I stand I can see a few feet inside: There is black filth as if the room had been on fire, leaving behind charred, pitch black debris. I shudder inwardly for I wouldn't want to go in there.

I look at the ground and it is filthy. Up ahead at the corner where I had crossed the street, it is clean—no stains or soil. Hating to stand in filth, I walk up to the corner where it's clean[4]. Now another thought comes to me: "It's been a while, how much longer will it take for them to return?" I feel there is something wrong, that they're not coming back and if they do, maybe that won't be a good thing. I feel compelled to continue on without them.

Segment 2
Now I'm entering the doorway of a well lit, white-walled room. Near the door is a man[5] who is a father and another man[6] in the midst of an argument. The second man (pitmaster?) wants to—must—burn the father's children because the population (the human children only?) has been possessed by Aliens or infested with something having to do with the Aliens[7]. The father is adamant that the man not kill his child (a daughter?).

In front of me is a large charred pit with an alien-shaped being[8] as pitch black and charred as the pit. It's eyes glowed a rich blue fire surrounded by white. The being seems to be pleading for release. I look to the far left and see a brightly lit white room where I know infected children are held. I sense that this man's child may be in there right now or he's hiding her. I know that the child must be destroyed because what the man says is true.

I have in my right hand (or pick up something) very slender—a being I think—that is dark charcoal gray, and I fling it quickly into the pit. As it is thrown, it emits a faint streak of blue the same color of its eyes. I tell the father that his child must die and that he can't do anything about it. In anger he sprays a dark charcoal gray and blue substance into my face, and I close my eyes, grimacing and putting up my hands to protect my face. I know he has attacked me with something akin to the very thing the man and me are trying to destroy—at least that's what I fear it is.

I wake up and hear a (phantom) telephone bell ring. (see 2005FEB27e-SA--NY)

The entire dream exuded darkness—the buildings, the burning pit, the burning Alien child, even the grandmother and child's skin and clothes. It's possible that the room the grandmother and child entered was a place where humans were possessed by the Alien spirit. Remember that the CHILD led the grandmother into the building.


The woman is black (dark-skinned), wearing a dress, possibly of dark color.

The boy is about 7 years old or so and also may have worn dark clothes.

dream screen left then minutes later, right

This is a highly accurate depiction of a waking life abhorrance

The father wore a shirt and pants of white or light colors. He was tall, slightly more than 6 feet, stocky, and had a big oval-shaped face.

man not clearly remembered or seen in the dream

The fear was that the Aliens were using the human form—were inside the human being.

In the dream I thought the being in the pit looked like a burned Alien. He stood about two feet tall; had glowing, vertical, oval-shaped eyes. The blue was the fire.


death or unknown


foreign, unfamiliar

temporary control

the eyes of psychic Aliens (spirit masters) have that color, healing color?, symbolic color of Archangels' wing tips

facing reality

spiritual cleansing needed

shadow figure, unknown aspect of self who directs and/or knows right from wrong

guide, teacher, strength, disciplinarian, aspect of self

Compiling Scenes to use for the completion on Volume One of Manningfield Affair. Been thinking about needing more money.

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