August 27, 2010



Friday, December 3, 2004--c
9:54 PM
RF 8

Alien race, death, birth & growth, survival, impending doom

Alien race, death, survival, impending doom

THEME: Preparing to die; giving one's life.

Just before napping (at 8:45 pm) I was reading a book about a character named Jordan Draken; a manipulative man who masks the presence of a kind heart.

The Draconians arrive and a race of people prepare to die but survive.

In this dream I can see only what's in front of me, I am thinking and feeling,--there is great emotions felt--and I seem to be a white skinned male.


Segment 1
PARTICIPATING. Parts forgotten. I am a member of a race of people who are in the midst of being invaded by a strong warrior race called the Draconians. I feel reluctance to surrender to the fate of my people. I feel helpless that I—we—can't defeat the Draconians, that our best defense could never be enough because the Draconians are a masterful race and powerful warriors. I am sad that we feel our only choice is to give up and allow ourselves to be killed rather than fight and face defeat that way. We'll fight but we know we will be horribly slaughtered. In my mind's eye I see the Draconians as exceedingly tall (eight feet) and powerfully built, wearing black or black and dark gray armour—metal perhaps.

We are afraid and cornered like rats. There's a strong feeling that the Draconians are approaching our compound. We're in a well lit room, set off from another brightly lit room (upper left). I'm standing on the left and walk to the center of the room where a large group of us are lying on the floor. In my last ditch effort to rally the men, I remain standing (foreground). A tall white man is in a room or hall area (upper left) and is looking through the doorway at us, telling us that the Draconians are coming. There's a sense of impending doom, of hopelessness and defeat. We know our best fighting and weaponry won’t be enough to defeat them—to fend them off. So we've decided (with weapons in hand?) to lie down and await our fate of death.

I lie down[1] and join my comrades, my left arm resting on a man's face. I move my arm further right and lay my head down. My hand has a round protuberance or weapon in it.

The feeling of doom grows more urgent. Any moment I expect the Draconians to barge into the other room or hall.

Segment 2
PARTICIPATING. The scene has changed. Now I am being walked through a series of rooms (no features remembered). There is an urgent secretive atmosphere. There are survivors. We were not all killed. Five or more adults have survived and have offspring. The person takes me to a room on the right, opening the door to a dim room with a hunter green cover or rug on the center of the floor. On it are five or more of the offspring. They are different ages? The one in the middle seems to be an adult. He's brown-skinned (with Negro-like hair?) and says something—seems defiant, angry and hostile. Militant. They all are remembered as wearing dark clothes. Some seem asleep. I'm surprised some survived and managed to have children.

I feel confused, wondering how they managed to survive. Had they pretended to the Draconians they were dead?


my feet facing left and head facing center right of dream screen

Dream felt real as if it had really played out as I saw it—experienced it.

In UFO literature, there is a race of aliens called the Draconians. I'm pretty sure I read of such a race. Don't remember exactly if they were good or evil, though.


January 29, 2005
According to the Oxford Essential Dictionary of Word Histories (pg 160), the word Draconian is a late 19th century term that means excessively harsh and is from the Greek word Drak├┤n. Draco was an Athenian legislator whose laws were notoriously severe. The death penalty was imposed even for trivial crimes.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010
12:07 AM
What I find interesting but was not mentioned, is that in the preliminary events, I was reading a book where the character's last name was Draken. This name seems to have triggered the possible past life memory.

Is there some spiritual inference regarding certain aliens and their Draconian-styled way of doing things? Or mine? Dream could be past life or even future life related.

An alien race reported to actually exist

unknown; death; change; end of something

giving up; no longer putting up a fight

hanging on to hope

stronger course of action needed to win

to live despite the odds against

unknown opportunities that will grow and/or succeed

May not be personal since a group was involved—may represent a multitude; someone unwelcome soon to arrive; something unpleasant soon to occur or arrive; an unfavorable? course of action soon to be implemented

a mindset or manner of surviving; a nation of people

Tuesday, August 24, 2010
12:07 AM

Either this dream is purely physically-induced by the name Draken and/or the name was a trigger that revealed a fragment of a potential past life memory at the point of an emotional but learning experience--a lesson that can be of use today. Indeed, this dream has strong symbolic tones, in particular the word Draconian and its implied meaning for today's socieity. Thus, the dream has a dual or multiple function: To teach about one's nature of doing things, the possibility of survival beyond what one expects, and to reveal how past responses are repeated or repressed and affects the present.

Yesterday I found out I won't be receiving anymore general welfare, only child support. That makes me feel relieved—I'd rather receive something I earned than something given by others' (taxpayers') hard work. I feel freed. My feelings of guilt have greatly lessened, perhaps completely vanished.

Still working on my novel.

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