April 25, 2011



Saturday, September 30, 1989
7:22 AM
RF 9


UFOs pummel window, robot stuck in screen, man dropped from UFO, see writing & Mothership in sky, fear God for 1st time.


Segment 1
PARTICIPATING. This particular dream I remember fairly well. I'm in an institution, perhaps a boarding school where you'd have a room of your own.

In an office there is a heavyweight African-American (A-A) man about 5' 7" to 6' tall with a mustache and beard. When I first speak to him I see an A-A woman (she has no active part in the dream) in the back of the office. I talk to him then leave.

Segment 2
PARTICIPATING. Later on I head back downstairs to the office. The woman isn't there. The man says, "We'll go into the back room." I'm thinking that we'll have a good time in there all by ourselves, but when he opens the door of the back room, I step inside and see the woman and another person (man?) lying down on beds or couches. I am sort of aggravated because I . . . do not want an audience. I hurry to get out of that room before they can recognize me. I don't want anyone to know I was going to be with that man . . . . I feel dirty and ashamed.

I rush out of the office and soon come across a heavy wooden door that opens into a dim narrow staircase which I climb to the next floor where I eventually enter a brightly lighted room. There, to my right is a female associate and what I appears to be a female counselor. I feel drunk yet don't remember having drank anything. I try to act like everything is okay, but my black fitted skirt is unbuttoned, except for the top two buttons. I have on expensive pantyhose which were sheer but thick, and I'm wearing a black half-slip that has beautiful black lace trim at the bottom. I lift my slip and say, "Aren't my legs beautiful" (or something similar).

Segment 3
PARTICIPATING. Somehow the dream shifts, and I'm in my present apartment. I hear the usual sounds that airplanes make when flying overhead, but I also hear a strange sound from outside. I look out of my livingroom window and in the dark sky is a disc. At first it is not completely round because of its angle which changes, giving it a round appearance. I shout for my brother even though I know he isn't home (he was living with me at time of dream).

A UFO—about 20" to 25" in diameter—hits the middle of a window screen, then several UFOs begin to pummel my window screens with frightening speed and intensity. This flurry of attacks scares me, then a robot-looking object (about 8 to 10" long and 5 to 8" wide) hits the left side of either my or my daughter's bedroom window. That really frightens me. I rush to close the livingroom windows, then my bedroom, and lastly my daughter's window. I get my daughter and flee the apartment.

Segment 4
PARTICIPATING. It's daylight, and I'm outside. I don't remember walking down the stairs. I'm outside and still have on the black skirt. My daughter (toddler) probably doesn't have on anything.

Some five feet away a Caucasian male (about 24 years of age) falls through the air. I know he has been dropped from one of the UFOs. He seems to be dead. I look up at the sky and the UFOs from earlier are gone, but high in the sky is a large, beige yellow-gold object that I call THE MOTHERSHIP. For the first time (whether that time be in waking or dream state) I had a real sense of what it felt like to fear God (the allusion here is that the Mothership craft represented God--was God). As I stared at the Mothership, it gradually disappeared.

I look back, over to a house to the right near where 6 or 7 white people are now crowded around the young man. Some grab his arms and legs and carry him into the house (on right).

I continue on my way to the school (possibly where the 1st half (office) of the dream was located)--trying to get there safely. In the sky (center dream screen) there is cloud-like smoke similar to skywriting. There are clearly three letters--the first letter is 'S', the second one appears to be 'A', and the third letter is either 'D', (J?), or 'G'. (Upon awakening, the word/acronym is remembered as SAG)

I make it inside the school building and think about the robot-like thing that had stuck to my window screen. I want to get help. I woke up.

When I woke up I was surprised to find I had (only) been dreaming.

Prayed to God for an interpretation of this dream. Maybe the woman is the wife of some man in my future! Perhaps the (sex segment was) a message or warning to me not to forsake my morals . . . .

Monday, January 15, 1996

As I reread the dream and viewed the account sketch (SA93089), I've realized how similar the sketch of the dream's sequence of events is to the actual location of Iroquois Job Corps Center in Medina, New York (attended in Summer 1978 to Winter 1979).


CR DATE: Thursday, December 13, 1989
CR RF: 9
CR SUMMARY: Robot returns; surgery done.

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