December 4, 2011




Men die by the hand of an Alien; man tells of secret Alien society.

Read my Kleypas novel (romance) for an hour then went back to sleep. Read nothing about Aliens or death.

THEME: Aliens kill.

PREVAILING SYMBOLS: NYFU, 3 men, death, Aliens, discovering a secret

DREAM LOCATION & SETTING: Sky remembered as being white (overcast).

Friday, October 5, 2007
Time Not Recorded
RF: 9


OBSERVING. Parts forgotten. I’m watching a series of interconnected scenes where three men discover truth regarding Aliens. When the first man (unremembered) realizes this truth, he runs away and ends up running into an Alien who kills him. Likewise, the second man (unremembered) flees from a room or something when he has learned the truth and also ends up being killed by an alien lurking ahead.

OBSERVING. Parts forgotten. I’m watching the third and most remembered man. He is Asian, Hispanic or Italian with salt and pepper gray hair cut close with tight curls (or short and straight). He’s in his 50s or mid 60’s and is in a room of a building. He has also learned the truth and runs out of the room in fear of his life and into a dark garden made up of mostly shrubbery. To the right appears the long, skinny arm of an Alien[1]. The arm reaches through the dark green leaves of a plant or shrub and when the man sees it, he is terrified. The hand snatches him in through the opening to where the Alien is hidden.

PARTICIPATING & OBSERVING. There are a group of people gathered in a well lit room (natural light) for a meeting. There is a long, rectangular table in the center of this small-appearing room and is located about three feet in front of a wide, clear, and unobstructed window. The sky is remembered as being white (overcast). A man on the left is talking about the Aliens who got the men. I know the last (third) man was not killed like the others; it seems the third man had particular knowledge or a relationship with the Aliens and was not meant to be killed. The speaker (unseen) says that the Aliens are a secret society, that they are here on Earth and masquerading, that their organization goes under a pseudonym that is spelled the same as a well known university[2]. In part, the man says, “But their name has the same beginning letters as New York F…U…” As he says the (replacement) words of NYFU, I notice that the original abbreviation has the cursive slang FU[3] which means ‘F--k You’, and I think to myself or say out loud to myself, "New York F. U.," visualize the letters, then I awake. The livingroom is brightly lit.


off white with a long thick red blotch or streak down the inside of its arm along the entire length (which is about three feet). The arm is flat (maybe an inch thick) and its fingers are long and thin (w/o any red?).

NY?U—New York ? University

I see the letters written in dark bold writing near the bottom of the dream screen as if on a light brown cloudy surface with the letters going downhill (rightwards?).

The ‘F’ in NYFU may be inaccurate. That part of the third segment is unclear because I heard him but didn’t fully grasp what he said. I diverted my attention. I think the name of the university is New York University.

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