January 7, 2012




SUMMARY: Covers are removed; body is repositioned.

CR# 1996-10-OCT05a-SA—AY

I went to bed at about 5 AM after having little sleep in the past 30 hours. I also read some UFO books, but the "dream" content did not match the material I read. After the events of the preceding "dream" (SEE 1996-10-OCT05a-SA—AY), I returned to bed.

Alien presence in room; visual display of colors with closed eyes.


----- REALITY: In waking state it was dark in my bedroom, and I was lying on my stomach. The bed is just about up against the wall, at a diagonal angle. Curtains partially closed before going to bed.

----- DREAM: I'm lying horizontal on my (right?) side, facing the left.

Saturday, October 5, 2010--b
6:50 AM
RF 10


I return to bed from a previous vivid "dream" and close my eyes. I begin seeing a visual display of a stained glass-like kaleidoscope of colors[1].

Segment 1
PARTICIPATING. Apparently, I fall asleep for I awaken in another state of vivid realness (like in the afore-mentioned dream). The room is still dark, but this time I awaken to the sensation of my cover being slowly but consistently pulled off my back. In my mind's eye, I can see the beige cover slowly pulling away. I feel a sort of sweeping sensation under my side that is in contact with the bed covers, and at the same time, I feel a sweeping motion which gives me the impression of being lifted.

Segment 2
Next thing I remember is crawling out of bed[2] and saying "I've got proof you've been here. Finally, I can prove it to myself." In my excitement as I speak out loud, my foot gets tangled in the covers.

Segment 3
I'm now standing and looking at the room's furniture. I see a white chair[3] and to the right of it is another chair (or someone?) with a box on its seat. The box contains curtain rod pieces[4]. Although everything is pretty much in the same position (as in earlier part of dream), I'm just not certain if the bed has been moved out of position. Then I realize that it was me who had been repositioned.

My oldest brother enters the room, and I excitedly talk to him about something.

I awoke and a couple minutes later, I checked the clock. The time was 6:50 AM.

This "dream" has the same quality as the previous dream. I knew the Aliens had not left the room after the first "dream" visit.

—[1]— white background with portions in lime green, pink and maybe other colors all edged in black.

—[2]— on the right side--I rarely get out of bed on that side

—[3]— where in reality there's a white flat curtain to the left.

—[4]— which in reality are in the livingroom.

Likely a fragment memory of a waking event I've forgotten or repressed.

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