April 15, 2012


SUMMARY: I see churches with lovely architecture


THEME: Seeing buildings/roaming neighborhoods

Red, blue, light green, stained glass windows, four faces, left, Alien, churches, ruins, man, walking, joy, admiration

Red, stained glass windows, four faces, Alien, churches, ruins, admiration


Tuesday, December 7, 2004
8:14 PM
RF: 8.5

PARTICIPATING. Parts forgotten. It's daytime, the sun is shining, and I'm walking with a tall, white male (to my left). I look across the street at a large church or building that spans left to right and towers some 2 to 3 stories. It has red bricks and on its left are stained glass windows.

There are two or more tall, rectangular panels of stained glass. The rightmost panel is divided into an additional four panels OR this panel has four images in it comprising upper and lower lefts and rights (CR# 7DEC04SK1). In this panel there are four faces—one in each of the four corners. I had been previously told[1] by someone (the man?) or I tell the man with me that "the eyes of the faces are supposed to face left". The eyes do face left.

We turn to continue along the walk when I look over my shoulder and notice another panel that has a dark background (Navy blue?) like the one w/the faces. This panel has a large, light green face of an Alien Gray.

"Hey, it's an Alien!" I exclaim to the man, then I look away and we continue down the sidewalk. At this point the church is behind us and on our left are more buildings.

Next, I see a church. Then, set in an open space in the background (against a whited sky), I see a large ruin—the kind one sees in history books, like the coliseum or amphitheatre. There are several side by side arched openings (pitch black) one on top of the other. The ruin is in a sort of crescent moon shape and stretches diagonally (lower left to center right). I point to the ruin, absolutely thrilled to see it.

He encourages me to walk on and reluctantly I do, but seen next across the street in the foreground are about five or more side by side churches. They are all so damn beautiful with intricate brick patterns forming arcs and zigzags—that sort of thing. One of the buildings is French blue with red orange trimming and red orange colors—the colors I remember most. I feel such wonder and awe seeing them, and I want to remain looking for a long time but I have to move on, so we continue.

The sun was shining. The man is not clearly remembered though I can still clearly see the bold colors of the red orange buildings, particularly the last one. Each church had a different intricate pattern and were flat-topped (or perhaps I never saw rooftops).

The ruins seemed as if they were of a far different setting than the one with the churches—as if a part of the past had been inserted into a present time scenario. The ruins looked familiar, dark and misty of a dark olive green hue. I stared at them, my eyes scanning left to right—only remember the last half of what I saw. Very fascinating.

Trying to finish my novel. Early this morning (12 to 3 a.m.) I was listening to Speaking The Lost Language of God CDsregarding the Dead Sea Scrolls which contained original scripture and others like Infancy, as well as information about how the power of praying affects our lives. Also mentioned was the destroyed Library of Alexandria.


an event that had taken place in the dream but before the dream actually began or before there was any conscious awareness of it


RED --- energy

BLUE --- healing, spiritual healing

LIGHT GREEN --- a healing color?; represents the archangel who heals?

CHURCHES --- religion and/or spiritual life

RUINS --- the past; ancient knowledge or history; RE Dead Sea Scrolls (found in ruins)

STAINED GLASS WINDOWS --- colored perception (since I was outside, could refer to looking inward)

FOUR FACES LOOKING LEFT --- four corners?; looking to the past (left)

BEING TOLD EYES SHOULD LOOK LEFT --- the answers that one seeks are to be found in the past (left). [ being told to see the works of the past in the present -- 04-14-2012 ]

ALIEN --- foreign; unknown; ancient history (on A Lost Language CD (#1 or 2), the author said that the bible's Genesis creation story seems incomplete). UFO lore speculates that the Aliens may be the 'we' in Genesis—i.e. archaeology's missing link regarding humanity's sudden origin & evolution.

MAN --- spiritual guide

WALKING --- progress; moving forward; self advancement

JOY --- happiness

ADMIRATION --- respect, appreciation. [what was being admired?: churches, ruins, colors. Should you respect the past more? Admire the work of others more? Admire the works of self? -- 04-14-2012]

Saturday, April 14, 2012
2:52 PM

SIDEWALK --- the path I'm on at time of dream; that which lies along the journey and in the future

LEFT --- the past; that part of the journey already experienced

RUINS --- the past; that part of the journey that affects the life at time of dream

WINDOWS --- perception within and without; windows or perceptions of the soul--what did you see?

ALIEN --- literal; alien influence or presence in my life? Perhaps alludes to a connection between Aliens and religion.

ORANGE --- occult knowledge

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