April 7, 2012


SUMMARY: I'm a child lying in bed; unseen presence is in the room.

Had briefly awakened at about 5:30 PM and drifted back to sleep.

COMMENT: My back is to the dream screen.


Sunday, February 24, 2008--c
5:58 PM appx.
RF# 9.25

PARTICIPATING. Parts probably forgotten. I appear to be in a room that is very dim and I'm lying on a bed, my head to the west (left), feet to the East (right), and my body balled up in a loose fetal position (knees slightly drawn up). There is someone (2) on the bed (my right) but I can't see them, just sense their presence. I can kinda hear them moving around, and though they don't talk, they are definitely there. I have my eyes closed and am pretending to be sleep. There is something in the palm of my right hand that I'm grasping tight. I have the feeling they want what's in my hand but in order to get it, they must awaken me and they don't want to wake me, don't want me to know they are there. I keep my hand fisted.

I seem to be a child of about 10 or so about 5 feet tall. I know it is important for me to keep my eyes closed and give the impression that I am asleep. I have a little trouble breathing so I take advantage of that and snort a couple time as if to clear my nasal passage, then I give a light snore. I keep seeing a paperclip in my mind's eye (somewhere on the bed, perhaps near my head).

They keep moving around. I get a brief image of white flashing (to the right) where they are hanging around. I don't feel I am in danger, but I don't feel inclined to give them what's in my hand.

A lot of realism in this small dream. The bedding was a navy color with a small repeat pattern. A light was shining on the bed from somewhere. These kind of dreams smack of being real. I had thoughts of how to remain still and pretend to be sleeping like normal with some breathing difficulty. I felt and heard myself changing my breathing pattern. I sensed a presence in the room to the right as being at least one but probably at least two but no more than three. I felt my hand grasped firm. I saw my hand as being that of a light skin female child female, the wrist small and slender.

It felt like I was really there on that bed as opposed to the waking state location of my living room on the couch with my feet hanging off the end of it. It is always weird in a dream to see what is in front of me as if my eyes are open when, in fact, they are closed. I sensed that the presences in the dream were ETs. What is going on?

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