May 11, 2012



Immediately on my right was another figure, this one completely invisible except for an occasional flash of movement. . . . It wore dark-blue coveralls and was extremely fast. [ COMMUNION: A TRUE STORY, PG 15 (encountered indoors) ]

. . . to my left there was a small individual whom I could see only out of the corner of my eye. This person was wearing a gray-tan body suit and sitting on the ground with knees drawn up and hands clasped around them. There were two dark eyeholes and a round mouth hole. I had the impression of a face mask. . . . While the presence of others remains vague in my mind, the individual to my left made a clear impression. I do not know why, but I had the distinct feeling that this was a woman . . . . She was as small as the others, and appeared almost bored or indifferent. [ COMMUNION: A TRUE STORY, PG 15 (encountered indoors) ]

LAST UPDATED: May 11, 2012