January 20, 2010



[NOTE:Realness Factor (RF) refers to how realistic or vivid the dream action felt and a high level of emotion and sensory elements involved. Highest rating is normally 10. Ratings higher than 9.9 suggest the "dream" was felt to be actual events taking place on some physical, astral or spiritual level.]

Friday, October 16, 2009—a
2:30 AM
RF# 9.95

Yesterday I spent hours reworking a sketch of a UFO I had posted on my UFO dream blog. Got that sucker looking pretty good now. Content with my hard work thanks to Paintbrush.

COMMENT: Earplugs not in.

Participating. It's late afternoon and soon to grow dark. I'm sitting on a bench[1] next to an entity I know is an alien. I don't see "him" but feel his presence there beside me. And I know he's the tall being from my childhood memory[2]. R & B music[3] is playing from somewhere on my right as I sit eating popcorn, a cool breeze blowing onto my upper body. I look ahead up the road and think, "It's getting cool. And I should be getting home before I'm missed." I am so content—just plain happy—that I am with this person. I don't want to leave.

Could be a memory of an astral visitation.


This bench is set width-wise right in the middle of the sidewalk. In waking state the bench is along the edge of the walk. I am seated on the left and the being is to my right but unseen.

This memory is of a series of events where I would sit, waiting on the steps of my childhood home while waiting for someone to arrive. In those vivid memories I felt the coolness of the breeze as I waited. This feeling filtered into the above dream as I felt the air blow onto me. Also this only remembered possible alien visitation occurred when I was 10 [and this tall being had come to say goodbye because if he continued to be a part of my life I wouldn't learn to "fit in" (what I really mean is assimilate)].

When I awoke I was hearing women singing (the Staple Singers, I think—maybe "I'll Take You There") but while writing about the dream later, the song Slip Away by Clarence Carter began playing in my head. Now this is one of my ultra favorite songs. Here are some of the lyrics:

What would I give for just a few moments
What would I give just to have you near
Tell me you would try to slip away somehow
Oh I need you darling I want to see you right now
Can you slip away, slip away
Slip away, oh I need you so.