August 25, 2009



Date and Time Unknown
RF# 10

SUMMARY: I catch an Alien walking on my bed.

DREAM ACCOUNT . . . (As posted to Alien Casebook)
In the 90's I had this realistic dream:

I'm lying on my stomach in bed (as in reality). I am awakened by the sensation of light steps of someone walking on my bed near the foot of it. Whoever it is seems to be trying not to step on my legs (which are slightly parted and covered with a sheet). I lift my head and look over my left shoulder. Lo and behold, there's a typical short Alien Gray standing on the bed, looking down at me frozen in motion. I know he came through the fire escape window that's over the foot of my bed (as in reality). I say something like, "What the hell are you doing?" I wasn't angry; I said it in a kind of joking "you're busted" tone. I sense that he's surprised that I can see him. We stare at each other for a few moments.

The next thing, I'm no longer in bed but am a couple feet from the side of the bed and am jumping up and down all excited, saying "I saw an Alien, I saw an Alien! I have proof that they've been coming." The alien is nowhere in sight. The dream ends.

It was like something was cut out in the middle. I went from participating (the bed part) to a combination of observing and participating. Very hard to explain--it's like I can feel my body moving, and I feel the emotion and know my thoughts (of finally seeing an alien up close). But at the same time I see myself as if seeing a memory. (I experience this duality a lot)


In the dream it's dark in the room but there's a golden brown light around us. This strange light shows up in a lot of dreams that take place in the dark. I think it was daylight when I woke up. I haven't found the original account yet.

Sometime in 1991 I stopped opening that fire escape window. One of the reasons was because I awoke one night and saw a slender silhouette standing on the fire escape (a year or so prior to the alien dream--this time the bed was across the room from the window). The person was backlit by the parking lot security lights. I couldn't move but am not sure if it was because I was paralyzed by some outside source or from fear. I was definitely petrified that the person would enter the apt. I didn't want to let it know I was awake, either. I could only lay on my back (an unusual sleeping position for me by the way) and hope it didn't come in. The person stood very still, and I had a STRONG feeling that it was staring at me and that it either wanted to come in or had been in the apt. already.

After a tense few minutes it started to move down the stairs, but there was something strange about the movement, like it took too long (maybe the person was taller than I had assumed). When it was gone, it took a moment for the paralysis to clear then with heart pounding I raced to the window and closed and locked it.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Alien walking on my bed was a real encounter in an alternate state of reality . . . possibly the astral state. It's interesting to me that after that bed dream, I seldom saw Aliens in my dreams.